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  1. very good since I'm playing somewhere else ty for asking hehe
  2. Noticed I have that spell-book from farming something there of my own, if you say a time when your in Giran i can give it to you.
  3. Good morning Adrageron, Cancel should drop from: Trisalim Tarantula ( Sea of Spores) droprates are a horror thou good luck farming it. Hairy
  4. on classic lvls will be around lvl 55ish in end play or lower, 1/2 the world stepping on the toe's of the other 1/2 in dragon valley man that will give a nice chaos and fun.
  5. instead of talking to the priest, talk with wanderer dorf, that works, just ignore the priest, like Sett told in his post.
  6. sett remembers better then me that's the solution
  7. hello again rafa, like I said in my first post, this beta your playing now, is another build then the admins are going to test soon. so everything you test brings nothing, because soon there will be completely different files to test, further I can tell you that the cleric and bishop quest are working there was a bug in it at the dark elf altar were no monster spawned but that's fixed. ( got a bishop almost lvl 60). don't do the effort to report it here on the forum because I can tell you the answer already:"This is a known issue and will be fixed in the next build". and to come back on your initial question yes your still wasting your time. If i remember right your quest is stuck at errants for Gwari Twinklerock try to talk to her again. gl
  8. ​I red carefully,and I know you didn't promise anything you should join some conservative political party ( you would own), if I remember right Manton even mentioned something about the update last week that it would come in a few hours. Don't understand me wrong I absolutely understand that things not always go like you planned them, or some problem turned up that made you decide to pros pone it further and even if that sucks for everybody, nobody would have problems with it if you simply made a little post here, but instead of that silence... for almost a week. That the only problem I see, even if it would take another 1/2 year to get your files ready I would probably come to play when its ready, just inform us, even if there is nothing to inform about, and especially after such announcements like last week. Hairy.
  9. Hello Rafa, Yes your wasting your time. This beta will be deleted and wont be used later on, the admins promised a complete new build last Friday( Beta2.0) but after that absolutely no information, perhaps that new build would be interesting to beta test, if they don't find new files again . For the rest read forum and make up your own mind, wont take long before you get frustrated. Gl Mate Hairy.
  10. Quote: Community, We are aware that some of our members are nervous for not getting more often updates about what we are doing daily, but at this stage there is not much to "report" to you folks. Its just work and test locally on our closed beta. About the Beta 2.0, when we feel we are ready with the new assemblies we will make an announcement and explain everything to you. About the forum clean up and rules, we will get there but after open beta ends. If you guys are "aware" that people are getting nervous I really ask myself why you guys act like you do, promising a beta 2.0 like a week ago and absolutely no information after that. What do you expect then ? Just a well mend advice. perhaps take the time to make an update in forum two times a week ( even if there is nothing new to post) and don't make promises you cant hold or if it unfortunately happens make a post the next day that thing went wrong and you need more time. Then people wouldn't go haywire in forum, and the thrust between community and admin's would be allot better then it is now. ( just speaking for myself but atm. that thrust is non existing.) still good luck with the process and I hope things get better fast. Hairy.
  11. Allot of "Maybes" that could have been remedied with some timely news here in the forum, and that's all I wanted to state.
  12. Funny that i imagine the most ppl looking like the kiddo with the hat... "faster admins or were leaving.. hurry blablba" cool that you understand it. since we ( the gamers ) putting nothing into this project ( not even a carrot lolz ) ​I know better then this but still I'm going to feed the troll. Silve:"faster admins or were leaving.. hurry blablba" I don't want or going to leave, I just don't want to spend my time doing something that's worthless I don't know about you but I actually spend time testing things in the Beta1.0 and trying to make a better l2 for me and the rest. But with a new build all that went out the window. Further I understand perfectly well that with a small team the problems won't be solved immediately or things take longer then planed, but were lies the problem in informing the community who spends his/hers time on this server, logicically that doesn't create a band of thrust between community and the operators of the server. And this would be remedied by some timely news, regardless if things are finished or not. Silve:"since we ( the gamers ) putting nothing into this project ( not even a carrot lolz )" We invest our time, some of us specific to make a better playing experience, that's allot of carrots. Take it eassy. Hairy
  13. ​Then make an announcement please, I thought update would be Friday or even sooner, and after all the hussel we had before with the Beta this is only a 3 week step back if you ask me. I'm really wanting to play a classic server, but I think I look in when you guys got things a bit more transparent and finished whenever that will be. Good luck.....