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  1. I have the same question. The current % loss is inconsistent and doesn't make any sense at all...
  2. Welcome to Lineage 2 Classic! Don't play solo so you will receive a heal when they crit you ;-)
  3. Did Kiss pay you guys a visit in AC ;-) That's why I love Lineage!
  4. Prometia

    Sws or Archer

    SWS till you die ;-) You are always wanted in parties and you can't level up without him, but once he has song of wind, the run speed is SO much fun. If you want to do damage, you better take and archer.
  5. If they would ban the trades in the party matching system it would be a huge advantage. A ban hammer for the ones using the system for merchandising purposes! Can I have a *hear, hear!!*
  6. Tread number 87571539807938173 with the same subject... *sigh*
  7. Prometia

    IG names

    Vreselijk drukte inderdaad. Ik speel momenteel op mijn elf met de naam Sain7
  8. People should also play the game in a Classic way. That means party up and not buff yourself with a 2nd Premium Account. I hope most players won't donate for the PA, just for the hair accessory (like me) so we can play together and not as solo individuals. As for all the haters... This is what economics is all about. You need to PAY if you want to play ;-) They need some kind of income to provide this server. See you all in game (maybe twice if you pay for it :p)
  9. Ik zal zeker de eerste uren spelen, maar ik vrees ook voor vele DDos attacks, chaos, Russisch en Spaans gezever op de shout chat en weet-ik-veel-wat-nog-allemaal. De eerste maand zal bepalend zijn of deze server succes heeft, maar ik hoop van wel.
  10. Prometia

    IG names

    ‚ÄčIk dacht dat je niet meer terug zou komen ;-)
  11. Prometia

    NL/eu clan

    We zien ons zeker in game en via friendlist houden we makkelijk contact. We zien wel of er een NL clan kan ontstaan, maar voorlopig start ik met enkele RL vrienden. Ik ben ook wel voorstander van archers en mages. Melee gaan niet veel pvp plezier hebben, vrees ik...
  12. Mind blowing topic...*sigh* I request a dislike button!! ;-)
  13. CAPS some more to emphasise your idea of the game. It seems like you're having a discussion with yourself rather then keep an open mind to what others think. A sad attitude but I will forgive you when you're burried in the sand because you got blasted down by a mage. Over and over again ;-) Then you will open another topic to say mages are OP but again you will have the conversation with yourself. The circle is round, isn't it?