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  1. chosen

    "Welcome to Aden" event.

    ​May be you must summon pet from your skill panel (not tried yet) ​
  2. chosen

    Dear European players...

    I'm relax player, Have own friends and enemies, hate prime time, it's a game, not a work, i don't getting money here=) I even not used microphone yet.
  3. it's ​still not fixed ,I don't what are you waiting for ??? there are still player that steal the stones .. soon the event will END before you fix it ​they can fix it and make + 5-10 extra days...
  4. on all perkunas bad=) russian-perkunas GOOD guys, but others made of shit or from shit.
  5. chosen

    How does Elven Elder survive?

    mage don't get party on RB till grow up to 50-60+ i guess=)
  6. chosen

    Dear European players...

    Oo again darkside and whiteside.
  7. chosen

    Sell,Bye,Package Sale,Craft

    Just take NPC on that BOXes, not on the ground, they will be much upper, and all can click on them.
  8. 1. ​what about defending buff +10 lvl players can't atack you? it's not work? 2. You (Administration) can make PVP-lock system. (if player turn off pvp status, other player can't atack him(her))
  9. chosen

    дроп шмота

    а в корее говорят нет штрафа на любой грейд=) хоть с 0 уровня. Это не классика а ХАРДКОР, не путай=)
  10. 1 make good events=) 2 if u wan't some extra euro, you can make bonuses +10%-50% for each pay, like +10% on 10 euro, +20% on 20 euro --- +50% on 50 euro=) 3 Which you can spent on advertisment. 4 Make reward for newcomers and ppl, who bring them here, like a referal system + (When your referal make some deposit, you gain some 1-10% on you account) 5 You can make a mentor system from L2 GoD (new player and his mentor gain bonuses till 40 or + lvl, don't remember) 6 Use your head=) There is more other ideas, like a totalisator for adena on duels with 2-4-10 top players. Ppl (players) can make bids on them, then they duel or pvp=) 7 When servers raitind will grow up, ppl will come and come, then server will LAG, like TODAY =) 8 Make ASIAn PROXY (I need to reconnect 10-100 times to make normal connection (problem not in ping or lags or critical erros)) P.S. My english not perfect. P.S.S About clans, our clan spent about 2 months to make +10% exp bonus, and how you can make newcomers clan such bonus? P.S.S.S If you really do it: thats clan must be from official server (classic) or other classic servers with x1-x3 rates, not x100500 rates.
  11. chosen

    По поводу заточки

    не правильно точишь, нада 1-ну пуху точить до +7-8 сходу, а не всех по +4 +5. Ты тратишь бабло впустую.
  12. chosen

    По поводу заточки

    66% еще не значит что у тебя будет 2/3 удачные точки, это значит что каждый раз при заточке у тебя есть шанс в 33,33333333% сломать пуху=) это как крит 4-5 раз подряд.
  13. Совет. магу 1 се часто нехватает, чтобы был нонстоп хотябы 2 се на 1 мага=) (это после 40+ уровня)
  14. chosen

    drop katana+11 in lag

    i drop in lag fp gloves+3 in cruma, but no one pick up, coz there is too low activity now, coz all mobs agro, so i go there and pick up my gloves=)
  15. chosen

    WTF with SERVER

    Hello. Euro proxy. Me in Uzbekistan. Other proxy not work. This was good, before you make 1.5 update.\ Other problem is i must to make 10-50 relogs to catch good ping and then no lags at all. Could you make Asian proxy?