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Found 5 results

  1. Dear Clan Leaders and Members of the Clans, At first I and my friends created a lvl 4 clan together just for playing together, but with time clan started growing with new members and with clan growth I started asking myself if we are managing our clan properly. As many of you have played Lineage 2 for a long time and have a lot of experience in relation to the matter, I thought to ask right people for an advice. The main question would be - how do you manage your clan? Which includes: 1. What clan rules, requirements you have implemented; 2. Have you set certain roles, responsibilities and which; 3. What is your clan warehouse management - do you ask clan members to lodge materials, recipes, unused gear and other misc items to clan warehouse; 4. How do you gear up people - do you craft gear, usables if members provide recipes, materials, or expect people to gear up themselves; 5. How do you structure clan in terms of what classes to invite to clan; 6. How do you manage your clan CP groups; 7. What is the process of clan recruiting - what questions do you ask before recruiting, what requirements do you set; 8. How do you settle clan member quarrels; 9. Do you organize any clan special events; 10. Do you use social media, websites, clan forums, communication apps such as TeamSpeak, Discord; 11. And last but not least - what qualities of clan leader should clan leader have? Any further information as online guides or videos in relation to clan management would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Last edition 28/04/2019 Good neews everyone ! The aim of this guide is to show the new changes on armors made on 2.5 patch and give some proposals on how to make a great set up on your armor sets to have the maximum efficiency on your characters. New bonus for two or more pieces of one set First of all, you need to be aware to the new changets on the set bonusses. Now you get bonus from sets whenever you have 2 pieces or more. For example with 2 pieces of doom heavy you get the bonus of +320 HP. All set bonus will take a lot of space so they are not posted in this guide. You can check them in the following links: Over enchanting bonus The second important thing to be aware is the changes done on the over enchanting bonusses of armor sets: Any armor modified +4 or higher gives bonus to Max HP. This bonus is unaffected by buffs. Note that full armor means when an armor is upper and lower part at same time. Examples: Avadon Robe, Full Plate Armor or Drake leather Armor. Then all the set items are enchanted to +6 or above, you get the following bonuses: With this new bonus now there is some combinations of C grade + B grade. This new "double sets" are high value because they give nice boosts in HP since you can get over enchanted pieces of lower grade sets to give you the bonus of +6 enchanted sets. Notice that all sets enchanted to +6 give a nice boost in max HP and mana regeneration. Some set combination are: Bonus HP (Avadon or Doom Heavy) This bonus is the most common as HP is a high value stat. You do it with any C-Grade set that you like and 2 avadon or doom heavy armor pieces (294 HP for avadon, 320 HP for doom). Examples of this are: - For Robe Armor: Karmian / Demon + Doom heavy. - For Light Armor: Plated Leather / Drake + Doom Heavy. - For Heavy Armor: Full plate / Composite + Doom Heavy. Bonus speed (Dark Crystal Robe) This bonus is good for a good boost of +7 speed. You can get it with any C-Grade set and Dark Crystal Robe parts or with elven mithril set. - For Robe Armor: Karmian / Demon + Dark Crystal Robe - For Light Armor: Plated Leather / Drake + Dark Crystal Robe - For Heavy Armor: Full plate / Composite + Dark Crystal Robe Other compositions to get +14 speed are: - 3 parts of Doom Robe/Elven Mithril/Blue Wolf Heavy + 2 parts of Dark Crystal Robe Other bonus There is other bonus that can be usefull in certain circumstances. You can get them by getting any C-Grade set and two parts of the other set. Those sets are: - Poison and Bleed resistance: Get two parts of Avadon Robe set. - Mana regeneration Bonus: Many Sets give this bonus. Best option is two parts of Blue Wolf Robe or Doom Robe. - Weight limit penalty: Get two parts of Avadon Light set. In the end we can say that getting a C-Grade set +6 or more with some B grade items will be a nice option, especially because of the amount of bonus HP given, the mana regeneration bunusses and the low cost compared to getting a full A-grade set. Also there are many combination possible that can make your character more customized to your play style. I know you enjoyed the guide !
  3. Hello fellow Tyrants i wan't to know your opinion on Tyrant builds. Do you go for heavy armor instead of light and why ? And do you use dyes and if yes which set-ups do you use: +4str -4dex ; +4str -2dex -2con ; or maybe something else.
  4. This is a living post I'll update as I learn and gain feedback. Feel free to reply to this if you'd like to suggest revisions. Level 1-18 Get your Newbie Weapon + Equip - Find your starting town and talk to the Premium NPC to the left of the Gatekeeper. They will let you exchange a newbie weapon token for a weapon of your choice. You will have spiritshots/soulshots, and a newbie ring to equip with a 7 day timer, so you got 7 days to get 19+. This is only doable with first character made on an account. Get newbie quests (optional) - Pick up any quests on your minimap. Most will be discarded/not useful, but as you level a little extra adena can be worth the effort of picking them up if they weave into what you're already doing. There's a gap lvl 20-25 that you'll need no-class soulshots/spiritshots, and the newbie quest npc will score you some extras usable after the newbie set is expired (ends at 19). SELL craft items at the Harbor! - As you level as a newbie, you'll pick up Thread, Varnish, Silver Ingots, Charcoal, etc.. these can be sold to players at the harbor for more than the npc (gatekeepers will teleport you to this place for free). Look for merchants with the BUY option and text displaying the interested items. Save money for C Grade - Don't worry about spending money on equipment or weapons, hold out for C grade with the various newbie quests available. Hunting - Check out for a quick overview of where on the map to hunt. White con is normally all you want, yellow+ can be difficult to effectively farm due to lack of gear. @15 Pick up Grim Collector quest (doable 19+) in south side of Gludio - It asks you to hunt in Ruins of Agony/Despair. The adena reward is boosted on this server. The areas it hunts at has Herb of Progress drops as well. Level 19-29 @19 Do 1st Job Change - At 19, start your 1st class transfer quest: This is the first time I suggest using the scroll of wind walk for 1 hr of movement, since you'll be doing a lot of walking to do your goals. When you near completing your first class quest, if you aren't almost 20, stay around on each task killing the monsters, you need to be 20 to finish the quest. @21 Pick up more quests in gludio - Sense for Business (obtained 21+) - hunt in Wasteland and get more adena Vanquish Remnants (obtained 21+) - hunt in Abandoned Camp and get more adena Hunt of the Black Lion Arrow Vengeance Leto Lizardmen Hunting Conquest of Alligator Island @24 Baby pets do NOT exist on classic - The baby pets typically can be done at 24, with good benefits, however they are not available on l2classic. @25 Start the Moon Knight quest in Gludin - This gets you your D grade set. Level 30-39 TBD.. ---- Questions: What level is it ideal to start investing in dyes/tatoos? Is purchasing C grade+ better via player merchants, or the NPC? Should I save up my reagents for C grade and have a player merchant craft it? Will it be viable at 40, or how long will this take? Are servitors useful for spellsinger/spellhowler/warlock during their wizard-phase? What level do you typically get into a clan? Should you actively pursue it as early as possible for the XP bonus?