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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, i have played loooong time ago, and still got 47 TH from 1.5 classic times. I remember dagger used to be underpowered, how about now? Should i reroll the char or its a bit better situation with dagger in both pve and pvp? Asking since i got no clue as i never played classic servers properly :)
  2. Dear Clan Leaders and Members of the Clans, At first I and my friends created a lvl 4 clan together just for playing together, but with time clan started growing with new members and with clan growth I started asking myself if we are managing our clan properly. As many of you have played Lineage 2 for a long time and have a lot of experience in relation to the matter, I thought to ask right people for an advice. The main question would be - how do you manage your clan? Which includes: 1. What clan rules, requirements you have implemented; 2. Have you set certain roles, responsibilities and which; 3. What is your clan warehouse management - do you ask clan members to lodge materials, recipes, unused gear and other misc items to clan warehouse; 4. How do you gear up people - do you craft gear, usables if members provide recipes, materials, or expect people to gear up themselves; 5. How do you structure clan in terms of what classes to invite to clan; 6. How do you manage your clan CP groups; 7. What is the process of clan recruiting - what questions do you ask before recruiting, what requirements do you set; 8. How do you settle clan member quarrels; 9. Do you organize any clan special events; 10. Do you use social media, websites, clan forums, communication apps such as TeamSpeak, Discord; 11. And last but not least - what qualities of clan leader should clan leader have? Any further information as online guides or videos in relation to clan management would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Hello there! I've just started playing on this server yesterday, with my fiancee, and I've to say that it is really awesome. I am an old player, used to play from C4 up to Gracia, then i went on a long break and tried other things, like WoW, FF14, Diablo 3, Tera... etc. etc. etc. Unfortunately I can't play alot, like a couple of hours a day but not every day ... But it's not a problem, I'll slowly get to the endgame, enjoing the grinding process in the middle I've got some newbie question, regarding the game and the server specifically, hope someone can help me L2Classic 2.0 what Chronicle does it refers to? What is the Max character level? How much does the donations influence the game? Is it a problem if me and my fiancee play from the same IP? (we live together, it would be difficult to do otherwise) Is there a database/site (not in russian >_<) to check for drops and spoils? If you have any suggestion or a little "todo checklist" that every newbie should follow when starting an adventure here, please feel free to share it
  4. Could be great if someone post a webpage of the skills avalible of all the classes in l2 classic or a post of another user please :3