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Found 4 results

  1. Hi All, Started playing in this server couple of days ago, enjoying it at the moment and loving the hardcore gameplay. However I am very confused with server details and I could not find this info anywhere. L2Wiki does not have much information too. Whats the story with archers? Could anyone explain? I mean when you go for low level rb and whole party pulls out bows and starts shooting?? There was this NPC in some villages that gives you 3x exp buff that lasts 1h. I don't see that NPC anymore, was this been removed? Why? I started playing as Orc fighter (Destroyer in near future ) and wanted to know pros & cons of this character in this server as I could not find any info. I read that this class is useless, but no explanations why. Does anyone have any info about this? How come some characters (Paladin for example) can spam his shield stun with 100% success rate and can actually hold me stunned for atleast 30secs. Is that supposed to be in officeial L2 classic? Anywhere I could gather some more detailed info about this server in particular? Thank you for your help! Donie.
  2. Welcome To DramaTeam " Expect the unexpected "
  3. Hello guys! I ask this question because i'm in doubt if i play here or at innova's EU. So, what made you guys choose this server instead of the official? Why do you guys play here? I mean, the reasons and stuff Thanks for your attention all of ya, and good game!
  4. Namers

    LFP cp/tag

    Ворвусь в консту или соло мембером в какой-нибудь таг. О себе : Имя : Владимир Город : Москва Возраст : 25 Опыт игры : Начиная с С1 - L2 High Five. Сервера/Ники : Off Servers : Franz - DontAskWhy (No Tag) / BlackBird - 6bIBAJIbIu (Armada / TheRise) / L2Classic Eva - 6bIBAJIbIu (No Tag) Так же играл на огромном кол-ве фришек, самые известные : RPG-Club , Shock-World , Melcosoft , Asterios , lineage2world , , ph-club , и т.д Известен под никами : illulllillalli , Glory , 4Glory , 6bIBAJbIu , WelkinGunter , LikeAngel , NoAngel , AndreyGubin , DontAskWhy , NaM3rs , WhitePower88. Онлайн/Прайм : В первые дни конечно высокий онлайн, часов по 20 в день, потом ориентировочно с 18-00 / 19-00 до 2-00 / 3-00 +++ Кем планирую играть : Играю всеми, кроме bd / sws / bish / se / ee / pp. Интернет : 70/70 mb/s Характеристики компьютера : 8 gm ram / geforce GT 630m 1 gb / inter core i5-2450M / CPU @ 2,50GHz dual / windows 7 x64 Связь : TS , ventrilo , skype - всё есть. Контакты : skype : deryck_whibley41 , vk - Скриншоты : Реал :