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Found 6 results

  1. Engelier

    Drop/Spoil info / Map Zoom

    260/5000 Hello good mornig for everyone. Well, I elaborate this little post just to ask if they will soon add the camera zoom and the drop and spoil data in the mobs and Raid Boss back to the server patch. Without more than to add cordial greeting to all.
  2. Donie

    Detailed server information

    Hi All, Started playing in this server couple of days ago, enjoying it at the moment and loving the hardcore gameplay. However I am very confused with server details and I could not find this info anywhere. L2Wiki does not have much information too. Whats the story with archers? Could anyone explain? I mean when you go for low level rb and whole party pulls out bows and starts shooting?? There was this NPC in some villages that gives you 3x exp buff that lasts 1h. I don't see that NPC anymore, was this been removed? Why? I started playing as Orc fighter (Destroyer in near future ) and wanted to know pros & cons of this character in this server as I could not find any info. I read that this class is useless, but no explanations why. Does anyone have any info about this? How come some characters (Paladin for example) can spam his shield stun with 100% success rate and can actually hold me stunned for atleast 30secs. Is that supposed to be in officeial L2 classic? Anywhere I could gather some more detailed info about this server in particular? Thank you for your help! Donie.
  3. Hey, I'm new to this concept of L2 and I'm looking for someone who can explain to me just few things about L2 classic concept... I really like this server (after one old c4 1x retail like cz server I spent 1,5 year on, I always wished for some hardcore grind server, where people care about their hard earned exp and they try their best to stay alive in pvp, and where people do not leave after few weeks, because their large amount of time spent in the game is nothing for them...). I didn't come here on the forum to cry about something being hard or such things. I only have a few questions 1. I don't really understand what chronicle is this, or what chronicle is this supposed to be. I read somewhere it's C3-like but honestly, on C3 (not even C6 as far as I know) mobs would never evade your magic skill (it could fail but it would still do 50% of dmg when magic skill fails or 1 dmg when the difference of your skill lvl vs. the mob/char lvl/mdef was too high. + low lvl mobs never used soulshots/spiritshots (only in ketra/varka from c4 and even then it was more like a bad luck). So what is this chronicle? And if it's not only one chronicle, is there any list of things that are taken from newer (c3+) chronicles (and why would be nice too)? 2. Why did you (or why it's like that on classic) change basic things like which skill require spellbook and where the required spellbooks are dropped? 3. Is the price of premium going to stay at 10€ or is it likely to be changed someday? Because 10€ seems like a lot to me only for a second box and cheaper ports. If it gave you for example +10% exp (nothing high but still feels more reasonable to become a premium member for that than just a second box and cheaper ports + higher exp isn't that much of an advantage when the adena drop stays the same for you ). Thanks in advance for your responses and please keep the flame low
  4. Fenrir

    L2 General infos

    in case anyone was searching for specific infos, but had no clue where to look exactly ( except google ): [Infos] L2Classic Races/Skills:Классы_в_Lineage_2 directly from L2central, there's all skills up to C1.0. needs to be translated from russian. PMFun database: Very old site, useful mostly for materials infos, mobs spoil, drops and whatnot. on a side note: many of the skills listed on PMFun are different/missing from Classic, since they're taken from previous chronicles up to Hellbound, so don't rely on those. everything else from characters stats to items should be reliable, as long as nothing else was changed in Classic beside skills. [Utilities] L2Calc: site for checking stats along with items/buffs directly on characters, however it still has the old dye system limited on +5 stats. updated until Hellbound. Ivory Tower Ite​ms showcase: site to check appearence of various items and armor sets. updated until Gracia.
  5. scc


    info about when can start donations?
  6. doze

    Some questions

    Some of these might of been answered already, but it doesn't hurt to have everything in one place, so there is no confusion. With that said, I have some questions regarding the project as its not very clear to me. 1. Does Premium include just the possibility to dual box and nothing else? Any options that are under consideration? What's the price? 2. What is the original plan for the project? a) Are you going to start the way RU Classic started out and only update to Classic 2.0 at some point. b) Start out with whatever the current patch is on official servers and mimic the future patches? c) Something else? 3. How come Live date is about a month away, but the forums is a ghost town? Lack of advertising? 4. I heard you already ran Beta, but seems like a lot ppl didn't get a chance to join in, will there be another? It's quite important for most ppl before they decide to spend their time here, to know what they are getting in to. 5. How exactly will rates work, just flat 3x on everything? Drop/spoil/Epics etc. 6. Will there be any kind of boosts to Quests to complement the rates? In theory they should be 3x rewards as well. I had more questions, they lost me. There is a bunch of ppl that are considering playing here, but the lack of info is a little disturbing. So yeah, very interested but need more info. Thanks.