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  1. JerrySM

    Lag 22:00pm BRASIL

    Check this stream. We have lags like this. I think not only us GM have lags too 0.32-.40 lag as fuck
  2. JerrySM

    Lag 22:00pm BRASIL

    Yes I have lag in NA Prime too. Spike Spike and slow motion. But I usually change Proxy from Eu -> Gremeny.
  3. JerrySM

    WTT tablet for QA

    I bought 1, I need 1 more!!!
  4. JerrySM

    WTT tablet for QA

  5. JerrySM

    WTT tablet for QA

  6. JerrySM

    Which one you prefer?

    CHN always show us They are Stupid People, but They are always Dagerous. And some People trying to show us They are Dagerous, but They are Stupid. China knows They are stupid but when They look around them They feel a lot better. 1 side just Play to Sell 1 side just Pay to Win What problem with this "Co-op"??
  7. JerrySM

    WTT tablet for QA

    WTT tablet for QA PM JerryZ for info or message
  8. JerrySM


    Nice bait??
  9. JerrySM

    Event - Tigers Hunt!

    Shop is back, Stop Drama and Shoping
  10. JerrySM

    Event - Tigers Hunt!

  11. JerrySM

    Event - Tigers Hunt!

    Please Dont Scare Me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤑 I didnt open all scrolls yet 😜
  12. JerrySM

    WTS Apiga ____

    WTS Apiga =9k, PM JerryZ Discord: Jerry#1733
  13. JerrySM

    CP BloodBrotherS PvP

    The last fight Filioki die and b.res and lv up non-stop and never run out of mp. Next time i will keep my bishop at 1% and my Bishop never run out of mp !!!
  14. JerrySM

    SM(Blue side) LF 4th CP in Clan

    Pm kktnxbye