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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, I went thru forum and found some answers already, but I still have few questions, so if anyone has a time, I would gladly appreciate an answers. 1. So what is actual online right now? I know that server is running for quite some time, but how is the pop? Rising, decreasing, stagnant? 2. Are there new players or alt char leveling in progress? Or will I play alone for 5 months? 3. What is the best way to level up on classic for melee char? I think about glad/tyrant/destro as main and PP+bd+sws for support. That way I would have everything and would sustain on my own, but I would rather play with people. 4. Is there some way to get a bonus experience while exping? 5. Is it worth to make a spoiler/craft? 6. Any other tips regarding L2 classic? I have zero experience with this branch of the game. I mainly played IL and GF/Epilogue. Thank you everyone :))
  2. BaltaPlunksna

    2017 Lietuviai kaip jus?

    Labas visiems! Pradejau zaisti cia,sutikau vos kelis lietuvius ,mykciojat kazkaip visi sau zaisti norit ,atrodo nebeliko to bendrumo,susisuke visi Nesnekus atrodo pinigus atimsiu Ar daug jusu cia? Ka keliat ? kokie pastebejimai serve ? Yra senbuviu dar zaidzianciu nuo servo pradzios?? Rusu ,Brazilu,Graiku ir lenku pilna visur. O kiek cia musu ?
  3. Silverwing

    Looking for International Clan

    Greeting, My wife and I are looking for an International friendly Clan focused in PvE content. She is Crafter and I'm Spoiler We play everyday at 17h~20h (+3 GMT) and Full day at weekend with intervals