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Found 12 results

  1. TK can't learn skill of Arrest(provoke+immobilize) or Shield Bash(stun) as talking island. consequently TK can only aggro(changing target) skill and tribunal(Dealing skill) skill available when PVP. attractive cubic change PC target but no aggro to mobs. it's insane. also M.accuracy of Holy Aura skills is sucks! even to low LEVEL mobs! my TK is 71LV now and my life cubic heal me around only 360HP. WHAT THE ......... ? that's why everyone play other tank but no one play TK except me. don't play Temple Knight. it will be waste your huge time. Shillien knight much better. because SK paralyze tank to drop his item when tank pulling many's basic SK play. he is one man army. you can check DION Top Tank of rank 200 NoPainNoGain 74 Dark Avenger Decimate sh1 74 Dark Avenger Rain Mikhail 75 Dark Avenger Souvlaki Kadil 75 Dark Avenger Vigilance Din 73 Dark Avenger WINNER Nicholas 75 Shillien Knight Ace 10cm 74 Shillien Knight Ace SHIRE 74 Shillien Knight KFC Aner 73 Shillien Knight OkayBro Donyonychus 74 Shillien Knight PowerRangers HHHHHHHHQQQQQQQQ 74 Shillien Knight Rain archer 75 Shillien Knight Speed Raulrabufety 75 Shillien Knight Syndicate Angra 74 Shillien Knight Vigilance KimYoJong 73 Shillien Knight Vigilance SuaMae 74 Shillien Knight Vindicate Ponce 75 Paladin Syndicate no one play TK. It's true. many user play SK and DA and very few user play Paladin.\ unbalanced classes skill result in unbalanced server to short term life.
  3. Fll

    WTB Aura Flash

    WTB SB Aura Flash. Mail me in game "Alebarda" or write in this topic.
  4. eisG

    Sonic Blaster issue

    Gladiator Sonic Blaster skill doesn't inflict damage on guards, today i have tried it on sige time. Check it plz.
  5. H3R3G3

    Serenade's Eva

    Hi! About ElvenElder Skill Serenade Eva, make monster lost will to attack area effect. It has now 18min reuse, isnt a lot? because it already wast lot of mana to cast. It must be like Peace from Prophet. Can you gm say something to us? thx!
  6. Aduha

    Fatal Counter

    Power 2908. + more powerful effect at low HP levels. At the moment this skill works just like Curse death link (100% hp = 0 dmg), whats wrong. well and very cool video from gvg tourney on Gran Kain POV PR.
  7. Hello I have question about Eminence Bow. In weapon information is written that Eminence bow is using 7ssc and every shot is consuming 10 of them. How this will be fixed? It will be changed on 7 or 10? Next misinformation is skill "Sprint" from white elf in skill information is written: "Increased speed by 22 for 20 min." And giving 20. I think that skill information will be changed for 20 just like potion in grocery.
  8. Hello, Holy attack vulnerability attribute on mobs doesnt work propely. With using skill "Distrupt Undead" power 21 and "Wind Strike" power 21 you do same damage or even lower. What the fuck?! All you do is waste 5 mana and 200 range every skill use (widn strike 15mp and 600 range, distrupt undead use 20mp and 400 range) Better to use Wind Strike on Healer class because Holy skills doesnt work propely. Please fix this ASAP!
  9. Где выбить эту книгу или найти?
  10. Could be great if someone post a webpage of the skills avalible of all the classes in l2 classic or a post of another user please :3
  11. Testing


    Please, check Scavenger's skill Sword/Blunt Weapon Mastery. It doesn't gain attack to sword. What about blunt, i dont know. I have not screenshot, cause i just see it, when i learned skills.
  12. Is the cooldown of the skill "Sleep" will be like before C4 with low casting or will it be like c6+ with like 2-3 seconds casting animation?