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Found 5 results

  1. Sooo, first of all, most of you will stop watching the moment you realize its stop motion movie and not an actual movie (thats my real fps, sigh ... ) and that several pvps were already posted from someone (but different party/player pov). This is long promised movie with summoner in actual party composition (for people saying its totally useless and cannot get into party), probably last on my old war machine (if something, i will fraps max olympiad where i need to render just 1 other person :d) gameplay wise, i must say i enjoy it much more when it had top kek mage nuke, because at that time i was pretty much just spamming blaze and nothing else, right now i try to do more things (and still failing, ez) and i find it more interesting. Yes, its not your dream nuker, it doesnt have sick damage, but the damage is cool, its not DA to cancel 50 people at once, but baning certain people is very important, yes, its not tank with aggros/block shield and everything, but it can soak damage very well. What i found most interesting when i started to pvp with summoner is that i always imagined it being the last guy in the end, just sending summon like biggest pussy ever, but in reality i think summoner is supposed to be in front because of its ability to tank damage all in all, summoner is not great, not terrible in my eyes, it can make jobs of several classes just good enough and if there is someone dedicated, i dont think he cannot make it work in cp (tho i dont think summoners are in spot to make full summoner CP, more like you take 1 summoner in party to control enemies) enjoy ps: i wish this stupid Skitter would listen to me more :< but he is running however he wants
  2. What about warlock class; i remember on 1.5was with cat buff but now i see dosnt any reason;
  3. We are recruiting warlocks and elemental summoners for CP. Requirements: lvl 42-48, C grade equipment (preferable top weapon), availability 19:00-23:00 GMT+2 Reply or PM Nyka ig. Thx!
  4. Доброго времени суток, довольно таки долгое время не играл в л2. Завязывал еще, когда ИЛ только появился. И у меня созрел вопрос, а нужен ли сейчас кот в лукопати или уже обходятся без его участия? Заранее спасибо за адекватный ответ.
  5. 1. Class name is "Hexan". HEXAN????? O_o Warlock is right! 2. Kai the Cat consumes 1 Spirit Ore in description. But it needed 4 Spirit ore = wrong description