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Nostalgia buffs

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there is any chance to introduce this to the game ? and ofc i know that's already there, but anyone buys it, who wanna pay 2 col (160k) for a windwalk buff?

so what if, you guys put just 1 col for 2-3 buff ? and add new buffs there!

this will help a lot of ppl , and the players who don't have the adena to pay will stay with the supports , everyone wins (i think), look that a lot of ppl pay col to log a lvl 30 buff... with this they have the choice to buy buff and not the premium:ph34r:

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Second this. make it cheaper but not add new buffs.

​yeah, add new buffs can be a problem in some ways and good in anothers , need discussion , but 100% agree to make it cheaper xD 


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1. There are not many of the buffs on the list. 
2. Buffs could be traded just - Warrior <--> Mage type.

3. Buff scrolls price is insane! While CoL prices raised up now to buy 20 min buff scroll costs you 220k ...

My suggestions :

1. Add a little wider options for buffs. Or make them unique like 60 minutes lasting buffs. I've heard that it is possible to make them work that way...  This would make them more appreciated and their price would be smarter than it is now...  ALSO   If some buffs would have such a timer , some buffers should adopt to the new pricing system. And would sell their buffs for a fair price. ATM I saw 52 prp selling buffs for 150k not lower. Other people asks even for 200k ! For 20 minutes of buffs = 15 clicks in less then 20 secs. 
 If you're player 30-49 lvl you might understand how does it works... Also this would ensure more fluent gameplay for overall players.

2. At this time exchange system of the scrolls is on WTF level... I've got few windwalk scrolls and shield scroll and I can't exchange them to any of the other buffs.  Saw : Might <--> Empower  ; Acumen <--> Haste ; Bless the body <--> Bless the mind ; Focus <--> Wild magic.  
But what about shield ? Windwalk?  What If Ive got scrolls like : agility , berserker's spirit , death whisper and ETC?  I know it would take time but there could be done few rows on the listing while any buff could be traded to any other buff from wish list in the end. If you are up for it I could make a scheme which could be only inserted into a game ;)


3. Make lower price for the buffs or invent sub currency to get 1 CoL for example  100 Blue coins = 1 Coin of Luck. Then to make price 40 Blue coins = 1 buff would make  5 Buff scrolls for 2 CoL's .  ALSO this thing would fix some hilarious issues for example : 1 Greater Healing potion = 1 CoL(When you can buy them for 990a in giran grocery ^^ ) .  When you see things like that it looks like  people from the staff are amateurs. (No offence , I know It's not that way in reality and in busy time there are things that you could miss) Still it looks this way :) 

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