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  1. Narmontas

    Holy weapon buff

    Needs testing to be done Seriously and should find some 1 with the knowledge of true skills function. I mean : anybody could log in into official EU classic server but there holy weapon also feels crappy Played there myself. And as for old versions like c4 - c5 I felt a big difference. It was like 1 Holy attack = 1% p.atk. Because I remember myself that was like raping undead mobs with paladin having :Holy blade + holy weapon + dance of light. Instead of 120 dmg I began to hit 160+ dmg . Of course anyone could say that I just invent things , but people who had played l2 long time ago really remember difference , espec having bd in party hunting in catacombs. My suggestion would be : to do some tests and if skill works impropriety try to solve things or invent custom skill mechanic. The main thing is to find out how the skill exactly behaves. Does it add actual dmg vs every monster and adds even more against undead because they have weakness to holy dmg. Or should skill add damage only against those whom are vulnerable to holy damage. Like for example as I mentioned in previous post 10 Points = 5% dmg. So holy weapon should add 10% dmg. But does this boost work against all monsters and against undead a bit more , or does it add significal dmg vs undead only. Still maxe boost should give 25% dmg If this would be invented , and I'd say that's a damn lot
  2. Narmontas

    Holy weapon buff

    But seriously... Paladin and swordsinger should feel the difference. They've got holy blade toggle... also lets add dance of light and holy wepaon buff. You should get around 50 holy p.atk but doesn't feel against undead. Shouldn't it boost dmg vs undead by 5% per 10 points ?
  3. Narmontas

    WTB spellbook Spirit Sharing.

  4. Narmontas

    Is P Evasion useless?

    YES. EVASION HERE IS SH1T. My 43 assassin died from 2 monsters 5 lvl. Cause i left pc afk... With such an evasion should have been recovered hp but since you get like 80% hits it's like WTF?
  5. Narmontas

    Future sws (Just started) LFC

    seems like a nice clan
  6. Narmontas

    WTB Demon Gloves ,Sword Of Whispering Death

    Nah ty I need specifically SoWD Roleplay character having
  7. Price check pease to find the item near It's true worth and if you sell please nick I will contact IG
  8. Narmontas

    Ivory Tower

    Ivory tower teleport seems to be broken. Funny part that this bug was posted one year ago and after Manton's reply it shows as fixed... But ​even now as I play I chose : teleport near Ivory tower to oren and got teleported to oren , same with hunters village. So tell me : how could it be fixed if it's not? Please check it yourselves , I thought that teleport near ivory tower was implemented to teleport below in a crater... hope it will be checked at least. Thanks in advance
  9. Narmontas

    Clan SoulScar recruiting

    I'm 43 lvl Abyss Walker (Full Geared) ATM till weekend still finish raising box (Shilen Oracle ATM 38 lvl) . Then mainly Active time 3-4 hrs a day. L2 experience from c1 , friendly Clan oriented player. Personal traits : Helpful , calm , good sense of humor , socially active , hard working. Well and my bad side would be : "I often ignore stupid help requests in situations like " Help me lvl take me in party , you're clan member... And guy is 8+ levels below me does nothing just left following and stuff... It would stand to most of people unless they are friendly and could naturally made some sort of bond . And well personal motto would be : " Sharing is good I like sharing" opinions , items , ideas .
  10. Narmontas

    Dagger's Skill Bug

    OMG thx for making this topic... LOL non knight class classes can't block that often Of course And same like blocking normal hits should block the skill. Otherwise any mage + shield = tank vs dagger
  11. Narmontas

    Yra gyvų Lietuvišku klanų?

    Na taip... su rusais ar pas juo CP pagrindai... net nežinau... Buvo ne vienas pasiulymas , bet nelabai aš su burliokais noriu. Pavargstu nuo jų kirilicos
  12. Narmontas

    Yra gyvų Lietuvišku klanų?

    Ieškau žmonių : Čat , arba taip pasikalbėti ir vieni kitiems padėti.
  13. Narmontas

    Suggestion - Bug (Siege)

    ​ Well, after so many months I think siege was so great! Even if we lost a castle as ally, we all enjoyed it. So now, the bug is that our guards at dion are hitting our defending pets. The suggestion is to put respawn time to flags, people are spawning at flags without losing exp and without spawn time. Make it like castle spawn every 20 seconds all together or 5-10 seconds per person without mass spawn, also losing exp could be cool like 0.50% per death at siege area and flag can give the half of that, so owners of flag should protect it more and lose just 0.25% per death. ​ No exp loss on siege is stupid, ppl just suicide rush on no-buffs to deal a tiny bit of dmg 50x in a row, lol. ​ At least players could try : "THIS IS SPARTA" mode... Or in Other words : "Allahu Akbar" ^^
  14. Narmontas

    Party members range.

    ​How do you got such an intelligence that it is the way it should? Maybe here it differs than in other servers lol.
  15. Narmontas

    Question about solo class

    You can solo with Elven Rogue. Plains Walker or Silver Ranger. Very good passives , self heal , self poison cure. M.Def buff , P.atk Buff P.def Buff , Speed Buff... Very strong Slow (Entagle) . You get some potions and can solo without a buffer. On EU Official Classic I have Plains Walker 48 lvl. All the time I'm playing without any support and still could go on