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  1. Narmontas

    Gift of Lies

    What was with this dift from website? Cubic. I just withdrawn it it said : sucess. Once logged in I found nothing at all. Was it all just a scam ? To make like a Kid happy saying You get a candy and give a candy paper without a candy inside? :O
  2. How come is a bug If all weapons here gives fixed enchant value? And on every grade of enchant scroll description is the same? :) Wow if not your post we all players might never found this bug although server is going not 1 year...
  3. Narmontas


    Other people dies in game as well but they know it just happens. What you hoping to achieve by crying here ?
  4. And what about Snipe subordinates? It has two the same level and ID. Although on our website it shows should be two different level and droplist. I killed them for a while they are same level and gives same amount of XP.
  5. Hello , its been a while when I was suspecting in this server that something is a miss compared to other classics I used to play. Some of the monsters are missing in this server and I would like to know is it some sort of bug , or just specificly this servers feature. Missing monsters are : Snipe's Subordinate Lv 43 - used to drop Claymore , Elven Longsword and parts. Scout of the Plains Lv 36 - Used to drop mid D gr gloves and boots. This is odd because the monsters are in database and they have specific stats and droplist. It is a shame that they are not within this game. Could please anyone from the staff check it is it a bug? Please.
  6. Cloths prices will go down so A armor prices will go up naturally
  7. Hello , Since I play here and have played even on 2015 I have seen some ups and downs. I would like to suggest some events. 1. Attendance reward : giving for players who logs in untradable buff scrolls , Soulshot packs , XP/SP scrolls. And it could include 15 day hat coupon and 15 Day RB jewels 1 lvl. Like Day 15 AQ ring , Day 28 Orfen Earring. 2. Event : Collect letters where you could by collecting letters exchange them for Mana potions , Greater HP Potions , Buff Scrolls incl : VR , EMP , DW , Increase Weight. Lv 3 and would have a small chance to acquire random SB 2nd Class. All items could be traded. 3. Smithing Event - 60% discount for Smith's services. Put Augment , Remove Augment , Put/remove runes etc,
  8. Hello everybody! We all know that in this game there's factor called Weight Gauge. It means how much your character can carry before it gives penalty, You can Increase it By adding +Constitution stat , Elven Oracles Carrying Weight Buff , or get by passives like HawkEye and all dwarves have. I would like to know how else can you increase maximum weight, In H5 there was Dawn Bracelet. Here is Zaken version. Other classics have Talisman Bracelet adding maximum weight, I have dark elven rogue , and Id like to add +str -con. But I already can carry 4k arrows and 4k shots and Im full... Any ideas? High level characters here maybe know : brooch , Bracelet and etc. How could you increase it
  9. Hello , I have a question : In this server how many levels u can take down in order to retain learned skills? In some servers is -5 lvl and here?
  10. Devs were super lazy! Having a Hatching angry growling all the time made true classic experience! Especially when you alt+tab and do some stuff and still hear. Arrrghhh , arrrghhh arrrghhh ^^
  11. Hello everybody! haven't been here for a while. I have one question which appeared today by recovering my account while in forum. I have just got my account back and received pop-ed up message that I have some special reward Grade C! And should go to "info". And after like 5 sec. it have disappeared. I have been checking for all info here and got stuck. Was is some sort of bug? Or forum attendance reward in game? I have no clue. Maybe someone could shed some light please?
  12. Needs testing to be done Seriously and should find some 1 with the knowledge of true skills function. I mean : anybody could log in into official EU classic server but there holy weapon also feels crappy Played there myself. And as for old versions like c4 - c5 I felt a big difference. It was like 1 Holy attack = 1% p.atk. Because I remember myself that was like raping undead mobs with paladin having :Holy blade + holy weapon + dance of light. Instead of 120 dmg I began to hit 160+ dmg . Of course anyone could say that I just invent things , but people who had played l2 long time ago really remember difference , espec having bd in party hunting in catacombs. My suggestion would be : to do some tests and if skill works impropriety try to solve things or invent custom skill mechanic. The main thing is to find out how the skill exactly behaves. Does it add actual dmg vs every monster and adds even more against undead because they have weakness to holy dmg. Or should skill add damage only against those whom are vulnerable to holy damage. Like for example as I mentioned in previous post 10 Points = 5% dmg. So holy weapon should add 10% dmg. But does this boost work against all monsters and against undead a bit more , or does it add significal dmg vs undead only. Still maxe boost should give 25% dmg If this would be invented , and I'd say that's a damn lot
  13. But seriously... Paladin and swordsinger should feel the difference. They've got holy blade toggle... also lets add dance of light and holy wepaon buff. You should get around 50 holy p.atk but doesn't feel against undead. Shouldn't it boost dmg vs undead by 5% per 10 points ?