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  1. Maybe there is a way to edit SB skill descriptions that it would Mirror what it actually is? Yes , it is minor inconvenience but is straight into everyone's faces. What makes this server look bad.
  2. 1. Is it even possible to do that here? I mean it looks like some special scripting needs to be done. That zones to teleport would require specific level? If not also interesting bit is that Characters from level 55 are starting to get Ranks like : Knight , Baron etc. Similar like with noblese was in c6. If not by level requirement could it be done by rank? Like Knight and > ? Then nobody lower than lv 55 could teleport there and would need to run from town. Rest I do not see as a problem , never played on any server where cubics range would be limited. You see hostile target your cubic can fly to it and Damage/debuff it. And BTW Epic Attraction Cubic is only one PROS that Temple Knight as a class has. Without it TK will be absolutely useless class.
  3. Life for Archers very easy. Go farm some books sell them and buy PL parts from Mages πŸ˜„ . PL now easiest to obtain because people are AOE in cemetary.
  4. Narmontas


    Phantom Summoner is a very versitale class to play in classic and in current version it is not specifically strong. But it has great potential and in latter versions is one of few Meta Classes. For start you choose as a following class : Dark Mystic which would need to choose path for Dark Wizard and in the end as Phantom Summoner. As Most mystic classes you can easily kill monsters with magic attacks in 1-2 shots. My suggestion is : Kill monsters in starting area until level 6. At level 6 go talk to newbie guide in village and Press quest : you will get some Hunting quests to do. Progress through quests until you reach above level 14. Your priority would be to learn magic 'Wind Strike' to Maximum possible level and if you have some adena buy Blessed Spirit Shots [no grade] and delete ordinary newbie spirit shots or put into your warehouse . From level 14 equipped with Blood Sabre from quest max level Wind strike skill and having Blessed spirit shots you should be able to 1 shot kill monsters in Spiders Nest. Next you do -> Teleport Spiders Nest from village. And start killing monsters Like : Prowlers , Moonstone beasts. You will earn good adena and you should be able to save up some for Knowledge Set that gives 15% cst speed. At level 18 ,19 , 20 (Your preference) you can begin 1ist profession quest to become a Dark Wizard. Once you are level 20 you can change your class and learn some new magics. From here there are plenty of options that opens to you : 1. You can still Kill monsters until level 23+ in Spiders Nest or can go to School of Dark Arts. 2. You can go either to Ruins of Agony or Ruins of Despair and kill Bugbears and other monsters for good amounts of xp. 3. You can go to Talking Island, Singing Waterfall and make big trains of Undine monsters Using skill lv 1 :Wind shackle to lure monsters and Mass kill them using Flame Strike. 4. You can join up with some people and go to Abandoned Camp to farm Ol Mahum monsters. 5. Or you can simply to any solo area : Around Gludin , Gludio , Dion , Or Felmare grounds (tp from Gludin) and kill spiders , big cats and bees , just a bit north west from TP. Your Goal now level 25. Once you reach level 25 you are able to take Daily quests from NPC Strix. Go to Dion at level 25 -> Talk with Strix and take daily quest to visit Cruma marshlands. There is also npc Sophya in middle of Dion Village and you can also accept quest : Hunt of Black lion. I suggest you take Order to Hunt Stakatos in Cruma Marshlands and now you can hunt until level 35. While you reach that level you should have plenty of Adena , Better gear and plenty of Cargo Boxes which you can sell for people 1200+ adena each. You reached level 35! you already know the basics and you are no longer a noob πŸ˜› Some hints : There are places where Monsters are very slow so you can lure them by using Wind shackle level 1 magic (costs just 3 MP) gather them round and kill them with Flaming Strike. If you can do that. Partisans Hideway (Fortress of Resistance) in Dion area has plenty of slow monsters there and you can even join up some parties with people for very good amount of XP. If you are solo : buy some healing potions , and while you are farming monsters keep using Body to mind and healing potions in order to have consistent Mana Pool for magic skills to cast. Not until higher levels you will be able to use more benefits from your servitors so I suggest to play purely as a mage until level 48 or so πŸ™‚ . Hope this my self made guide helped someone out.
  5. Narmontas

    Ants Nest

    Hello people since this is suggestion board I wish to express my experience. Although Ant nest is a good farming zone and is populated with plenty of monsters I have spent there many hours and noticed some curious things. As if biologist researching ants I found their interesting behavioral pattern : they cast poison every given moment even if you repeatedly use antidotes. Let's say you are striking Ant Soldier while killing same monster it poisons you 3-4 times. Not mentioning that it lands 100% on even 58+ lvl char , they land it again and again and again. My question is : Is there's a way to decrease their poison land rate in general to make it land like 70% ? on same lvl character ? Or at least in script make their priority of skill poison 2-3 x lower than it is now? Because if you will go there and spend some more time you will notice it as well that those mobs keep poisoning non-stop. Compared to other hunting grounds it is very big difference. For example you can take Kanil Succubus. They have skill : Bleed , when you hitting them they cast it 1x if you have train sometimes they cast it sometimes they don't. If you are doing AOE you might end up having 3 Bleeding effects of None. And In Ants Nest you take 5 mobs u already have 3 poison effects you remove next second you have 1-2 poison effects , then you remove them you get another 2 in few seconds. If we agree that it is not a normal thing could something be done? a) Decrease poison land rate? b) make within script poison skill priority lower? c) decrease max MP of mobs so they can cast that skill once and could do it again once they recover within minute or so. Also would be awesome if in few spots could be added few Extra monsters : Noble Ant. They are too few compared to Noble Ant Leaders. Thank you.
  6. yes , there is no justice in this game in regards of balancing. TK although is the tankiest of all classes and has highest % to survive in all situations its vice is No dmg. The only one thing I could think of how to make this class stronger by not changing much is to bring back old feature of skill :Tribunal that decreases close range attack resistance for 30 secs. In latter chronicles it also gets Shield Slam which is very useful skill. But ATM my suggestion is : If you like TK that much play it to fullest. It is fast , It has 360 shield Block rate , It can arrest and harass any classes on pvp : Just keep person targeted and your attractive cubic will do the rest^^ πŸ™‚ . But about that skill i: it would be more custom feature of a server and I do not believe anyone would consider this πŸ™‚
  7. I don't mind if in Outlaw orest there could be some more OEL Mahum mob spawns because it is very little and compared to any other dailies it takes a very long time to finish it.
  8. It Happened to me many times : You have item drop you pick it up. The information screen says : you piked up item , but in your chat you do not have it "in yellow" that you obtained the item. Once you restart your client you got it in your inventory. http://
  9. Narmontas

    Gift of Lies

    What was with this dift from website? Cubic. I just withdrawn it it said : sucess. Once logged in I found nothing at all. Was it all just a scam ? To make like a Kid happy saying You get a candy and give a candy paper without a candy inside? :O
  10. How come is a bug If all weapons here gives fixed enchant value? And on every grade of enchant scroll description is the same? :) Wow if not your post we all players might never found this bug although server is going not 1 year...
  11. Narmontas


    Other people dies in game as well but they know it just happens. What you hoping to achieve by crying here ?
  12. And what about Snipe subordinates? It has two the same level and ID. Although on our website it shows should be two different level and droplist. I killed them for a while they are same level and gives same amount of XP.
  13. Hello , its been a while when I was suspecting in this server that something is a miss compared to other classics I used to play. Some of the monsters are missing in this server and I would like to know is it some sort of bug , or just specificly this servers feature. Missing monsters are : Snipe's Subordinate Lv 43 - used to drop Claymore , Elven Longsword and parts. Scout of the Plains Lv 36 - Used to drop mid D gr gloves and boots. This is odd because the monsters are in database and they have specific stats and droplist. It is a shame that they are not within this game. Could please anyone from the staff check it is it a bug? Please.
  14. Cloths prices will go down so A armor prices will go up naturally
  15. Hello , Since I play here and have played even on 2015 I have seen some ups and downs. I would like to suggest some events. 1. Attendance reward : giving for players who logs in untradable buff scrolls , Soulshot packs , XP/SP scrolls. And it could include 15 day hat coupon and 15 Day RB jewels 1 lvl. Like Day 15 AQ ring , Day 28 Orfen Earring. 2. Event : Collect letters where you could by collecting letters exchange them for Mana potions , Greater HP Potions , Buff Scrolls incl : VR , EMP , DW , Increase Weight. Lv 3 and would have a small chance to acquire random SB 2nd Class. All items could be traded. 3. Smithing Event - 60% discount for Smith's services. Put Augment , Remove Augment , Put/remove runes etc,