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As we promised, we present you our plan in which we will describe in details our advertising campaign.

Dear friends!

Innovative advertising is a constant race and we are leaders in this area, because we approach any task very professionally and analyzing all the actions.
The World is changing,  Lineage is changing itself and its advertising is also changing.

We are investing a huge advertising budget to show everyone all the charm of FREE to PLAY Classic. We are focused on advertising for all the countries so you can make friends from all over the World. Administer your geopolitics and fight for power over the World!

We don't "feed" every website our advertisiment. We take only the best positions. By learning and investigating the statistics and analysis of the traffic, we pick only effective sources of traffic, with real players, not bots!


Where you will see our adverising:

Your email adress!

We are proud of the amount of email newsletters that we are capable of sending at the moment. Due to our databases and databases of partners, most of all Lineage 2 players will receive an invitation to our new server!




L2 Raitings / Announcers:

We placed information about our server in over 50 raitings and announce websites for a lot of people to be informed and join this amazing and unforgettable Cassic journey!

We picked only best places, such as la2.mmotop, l2jBrasil, l2topzone, maxcheaters, pmfun, l2oops, l2op, la2top and many many more.

Next we want to share with you some of our positions so you can see it yourself.


























































And many more will be added very soon!

Contextual advertising! Google/Yandex:

Indeed targeted ads, if you have ever wrote into the search engine the word "Lineage" - we will find you! :) This advertising will not stop even after the start of the server and will keep bringing a lot of old chronicle fans to our server!
Coming soon!

Social networks:

We are prepareing to run big Facebook campaign and promote our Facebook page in a very intence way.


Skype mailing:

We have collected database of active players for very long period of time and we are now happy to invite them all to our Lineage 2 Classic World.
Sorry for the spam :)

All of above has a price, but there is one thing that is really priceless! It's the respect of Lineage2Classic to each player, and a desire to see him on our server!

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it would be good to advertise in the topics on sites such as l2db.ru l2top.ru for Russian contingent

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it would be good to advertise in the topics on sites such as l2db.ru l2top.ru for Russian contingent

​And many more will be added very soon!


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It is all wonderful. But I cogently recommend you to enable support for the Russian language in the game. Otherwise you will get a lot of negativity at the opening.

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I, on the other hand am afraid of having 50% of the population from Russia. Most don't speak English and the chat will be overun. I m thinking also a private server trying to match the Russian official could lead in DDoS attacks.

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I recommend you guys to contact with l2on.net owners to get even more players, as many of ru players check this site very often.

If it is possible of course. Your server displaying there can drag people from innova's god and classic i think.

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There's an issue with google search and lineage2classic.com. When I google for lineage 2 classic - our website is in 1st place in result page, which is great! But the URLs are with HTTPS protocol. Not too long ago lineage 2 classic search result used to redirect me to https://www.lineage2classic.com/ or https://lineage2classic.com/, both pages that doesn't work.

I'm afraid this issue might result in some player stream loss.

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