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  1. NicolaasNL

    Dualbox question

    Hello Convict! Please read the following link: BOT Reports!
  2. NicolaasNL

    "Bones that tell future"

    Thank you Narmontas for believing in me again. What some people don't understand is that there is no free time for the admins. They work continuously on the project even if they don't report we are now 70% on this fix or today we did that. So in that little time to change something they could fix something else like the party that was mentioned so many times. There is a section though with Technical Works where things that are done and ready with the next restart that can be put there. Don't lose your faith Narmontas The Wise One because this project wants to last many years if possible.
  3. NicolaasNL

    Help, Recipe Braid Hemp/Leather

    For Recipe: Leather try getting a drop from Goblins and for spoil go for Rakeclaw Imp Leader.
  4. NicolaasNL

    Dualbox question

    Instead of using two you can use only one but play with lowered graphics and by using Alt+Enter you bring the screen in windowed mode so you can just click the other one.
  5. NicolaasNL

    sword of solidaryti Q

    Hello, no just the sword. More info on Sword of Solidarity
  6. NicolaasNL

    "Bones that tell future"

    The administration have more important things to do than change quest description, wouldn't you agree?
  7. NicolaasNL

    "Bones that tell future"

    @Narmontas Hate is a strong word my friend, you should talk to someone about it. Or avoid talking to me if that makes you happier. In C1 i did this and it used to be...STOP! This is classic, you are comparing two different things.
  8. NicolaasNL

    Keep the test server

    That is meant for people that for every little thing a hat or something should be given. You are first of all a player and you can choose to test or not. If you don't well you ll live with bugs if you DO help then kuddos you made the project 1% better. If hats are being given even for small things Talking Island x3 would be full with accessories and noone would buy them from shop because people don't want imbalanced things, right?
  9. NicolaasNL

    [FIXED]Weird graphic bug

    It's only a glitch. Check files just in case?
  10. NicolaasNL

    "Bones that tell future"

    Those two are skeletons, aren't they?
  11. NicolaasNL

    Item Drop on Player Death

    @TheBest click this important information about future updates on item drops upon death please.
  12. NicolaasNL


    The administration just launched the game and is currently working on fixes. Update will resume from hold when everything runs good. I wouldn't worry about 2.0 just yet. Just enjoy the game.
  13. NicolaasNL

    I wish there are mounts to buy for CoL

    Yeah, just to have my German shepherd by my side it was awesome. A cute hatchling i wouldn't say no to as well.
  14. NicolaasNL

    [FIXED]Weird graphic bug

    Just a visual bug. Nothing bizarre. It happened to me once but i relogged and it was fine.
  15. NicolaasNL

    Donate from Greece

    Please contact on skype one of the administrators: san0.classickoll.classickse.classic