investing in making TOI 6 tallisman

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Whats the chances in this lottery ??

The investment to make TOI 6 is quite big (at least for me), it's a little bit more than 100kk, so I need to know.

The tallisman is selling at around 450kk so to return the investment you need to sucseed at least once from 4 trys

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Thanks for the info guys! I was hoping for exact % chance from one level to next level tallisman if someone knows, but shared experience also helps!

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15 hours ago, Vanitas said:

1 -> 2 60%
2 -> 3 40%
3 -> 4 20%
4 -> 5 10%

Source: 4game's experimentarium when Skelth was alive

Wow, so higher the chance is getting really low.. 

I was hoping to be a constant % chance on every next level, not getting lower

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