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  1. Can you explain what you want ?
  2. Eldifes

    Easter Event 2021

    farmed Di mobs with puller 10 eggs in 1,30h @Koll Dont put events like this shiit... Or change rewards so it would be only cosmetics maybe then you will make bigger chance to drop that fuckking egg. We dont need event with chance to get some adena. We need event to have some fun ... Most fun was enchanting one. P.S. First patch now this event you killing us man.
  3. Eldifes

    Buffs duration

    take PA lvl up prophet and your problem solved. Or keep playing like this in most casual way. P.S. if you can't afford PA you can't reqeust somthing from admin.
  4. then i joined eu side i had around 500kk yeah they recruit new guys/cp
  5. You think its fair to delete all hard work the old players put in ? you know why merges happens to servers ? cose they lossing ppl and this is biggest sing that admins fuckked up something. Plus something ho asking for new server never would at the top after 3 months of server you would just leave for another new server. And wtf you thinking suggesting to take care of 2 servers ? its double the work they hardly can do updates in time now .......
  6. Yeah admins should have sent back epics the moment this mistake happen... sadly same one without any self respect is bringing up this drama the third time. Hope you are better in real life....
  7. Eldifes

    gc exp

    maybe 10kkk exp from one mob ? will be even faster
  8. Its really sad... One saturday night changed alot.
  9. Maybe not but i dont know how it was inside your cp.And i dont know how this end in your cp but until this point i had no bad words to say about them.
  10. @DrunkAngel All i can say. Angerfist and masha are one of kindest team i had chance to spoke in this server. Yes angerfist fuckked up its 100% his mistake. Prove us that world can be better place. Take aq3 as reward and send evrything else back. In the end its only pixels being human more important...
  11. Safe bet to buy it. I know players ho put 600kk and didn't got and others ho got in first time around 200kk in total.
  12. @Eggyeee you looking like some attention prostitute. Probably was fun to losse to new smaller side those 4 months, then you build yours how many years ? dosent matter its seems recruit even more you might need in the future