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  1. MMM i don't think this is respect then you just do PVP videos on boxed chars. His videos was way better. If you respect Rizos change the name dont bring disrespect to his nick name.
  2. Yeah just go to test server. If they will intreduce something like this some one will find a way to exploit it as well
  3. Just make a new god damn server and merge after year these newbie helping strategy will not bring more people. Why ? 1) Without spending big cash on server they will need 2-3 years until they can properly compete. This time period is too long for a starting player. 2) This isn't some global official server witch would introduce some major updates witch would level the fields like they did in the past.(administration here is better then official) 3) Majority of people not even taking a look to server witch is 6 years old. I myself was exception and started in this server then it was 4 years old it was a blast but only becouse i was in the right place in the right moment and got to big side. Peace and love to all and remember NEW SERVER or just stay with low population and dont intreduce new systems rb farmers will always abuse.
  4. Sadly no new start sadly will need to wait for other update...
  5. Do with limits and a lot of things would be better like less scam shops
  6. Any version from before would fit me. At the moment were is no L2 server ho would be as good as this admin group. Good work on server @San0 and your team. But this is important to implement maybe you have better option how to bring new players and you could share it a bit doesn't have to be something specific but some news for discussion would be nice. We all want club to live another decade.
  7. Guys why are making dramas here. The thing is old players already sold there gear and new players wont come to server then they need at least 2 years to catch up with old players and those 2 years if they do everything optimal. This servers condition has nothing to do with Rizos or Nansay you are all old players and you will keep fighting between yourself cose there wont be no new comers until fresh start comes to the light. @Sensei like you said its just Facts And about your claims that Rizos ruined EU as i remember the united forces of EU only happened then BRS/Great wall flighted vs us we never wanted to do that but numbers was against us a lot before that Raven alliance was more then enough to beat brs or china town but not both at same time. You can say that killed pvp on EU prime but how else we will contest epics ? And about current server side state its just dieng server that is all. Removing clans state wont change number on player base. @Sensei aren't you Nansey or Natsu ?
  8. @San0 I beg you. With all respect to your team. Your team server is best on what is in the field. But we need fresh start we need knew players and we will never get them with updates we only can get them with new server. We beg you i promise i will donate 100eur at least on first day of the start... from what i saw and talked there is a lot of old players ho would come back for that. Even rizos asking for it cose he loves pvp and we all do. I dont know how much money you lacking for this. But it most likely would be profitable. I beg you give us what we want. And its time to have legacy server and fresh server. MAKE OUR DREAMS COME TRUE
  9. 1000% sure i would come back to new server.
  10. I wish i could do it legaly. These ppl for me equal to flat earthers
  11. I said this before HANG yourself.
  12. Can you explain what you want ?