Advertising Event winner Rewards HELP!

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Hi, since the forum doesn´t let me PM Kse, i have a question for you guys, does PM works for you?

Because, i PM Draqla to request the reward about that event. i PM him Sunday 1pm CET, and since 3pm he have read my messages 3 times, but i got no response since then.


I hope someone can help me, ty.


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I have won the 2nd prize and also have problem with contacting administration about claim my reward.

First, my old account that i won the event was not reaction when i login - no message password wrong, nothing was happen - its fixed.

Second, I have contacted Draqla about claim the reward as was mentioned in the Event Topic (the information in that post has been modified in last days to pm: Kse), after few days i wanted to check if he answered, looks like my password for my forum account (JohnTravolta) is not working, i tried again with my usualy used password, and get lock account for 15mins. I used option of reset password to avoid lock the account for longer, the mail with procedure didnt arrive to mailbox, spam or anywhere else, i tried 2 times.

Third, i have messaged Kse via forum from new made Forum account JohnTravolta2, i also messaged skype event.classic - - Still no response..


Please help...

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I have contacted with Kse as it was in description of event, he have read my message but no answer.

I have lost so much work to advertise your server, more than 1200 different ip's have came to your server website, i hope administration will keep their world.

I have contacted with Events CLassic via skype, also i dont get any answer. Could administration explain me why it happens?????

I request for answer from Administration about claim event prize.

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