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  1. ​wow you are so fast, im still waiting for the reward of the advertising event. more than 5 months right now.
  2. cassiopeia

    Official Classic Files, Never!

    they are going to delete your post, because you are telling lies, , o maybe not, who knows. this is a free server, you can play or leave, its up to you. But i won the advertising event, and im still waiting them to order the keyboard they owe me
  3. cassiopeia

    Will this server be populated

    ​i hope you work that hard trying to give what you owe to the winners of the events, because nearly 2 weeks since the end of the event, and the only thing you did is to waste time trying to save money instead of sending what you owe me. we have been working so hard for 6 entire months gathering lineage 2 players here, and you treat us disrespectfully.
  4. cassiopeia

    Mobs using soulshots

    ​how do you know it is a bug and is not how its intended to work? do you know that some mobs use SS in classic? maybe zombie warrior does it too, don't know.
  5. cassiopeia

    Multi/Dualbox question

    ​i think thats called 3th party software and forbidden ​since that software doesn't control anything inside lineage 2 client, is not a 3th party software. is windows a 3th party software?, or internet explorer, no, then that program neither well maybe im wrong, since the shared mouse is ok, but the keyboard maybe not, since 1 press is like to press 2 times 1 on each computer. but i dont think its automated since you have to press it manual and nothing is automated.
  6. cassiopeia

    Censo clanes Hispanos

    los clanes top (LVL 40+) ya están declarandose war (no funciona obviamente por otro bug más de tantos), te parecera pronto, pero no lo es en según que casos para tomar posiciones buscar aliados para objetivos comunes, etc. Por muy classic que sea el server, esto va 100 veces mas rapido que un server C1 de antaño, la gente vicia muchísimo más, ya conoce el juego y sus posibilidades y muchos no vienen a quedarse 1 mes afk farmeando. anyways es simplemente una propuesta, no hay porque recriminarla o no, quien quiera poner los datos que los ponga y quien no no y listo.
  7. cassiopeia

    Censo clanes Hispanos

    ​te aviso que decirle a alguien que se relaje, cuando no ha mostrado actitud crispada o alterada en ningún momento, suele sentar mal. Le pides que disfrute del juego, para la gente con experiencia en este juego, es eso, comunidad y relaciones entre otros, él se divierte asi, esa es la esencia del lineage 2. La mayoria de la gente ni lee el foro, otros prefieres pasar por el server desapercibidos para que no les molesten, esos son un par de motivos por los que ningun clan postea aqui.
  8. cassiopeia

    Censo clanes Hispanos

    pobre kiuek parece que no conozcas la comunidad española , bueno española, englobemos habla hispana.
  9. cassiopeia

    weird Bug

    ​yes, the karma matters, thats why its says (name is red) you can drop, when you are killed by a mob when you are killed in pvp, IF you have 4 or more pk (chaotic) AND you have karma (name is red) The graphic says it so clear.
  10. cassiopeia

    Dualbox question

    ​no external programs are allowed, even macros from logitech/razer software. The only allowed "automated" actions are from macros ingame.
  11. cassiopeia

    L2 classic skills

    ​no they are not, this server means to be classic 1.0, that webpage is 2.0 i think ​yeah but server should go 2.0 soon so for future i can expect these skills only ​soon? do you know how long they have been working, and they will be, to set up classic 1.0 correctly and without bugs?, then expect that or more time. I mean, more than 1 year
  12. cassiopeia

    L2 classic skills

    ​no they are not, this server means to be classic 1.0, that webpage is 2.0 i think
  13. cassiopeia


    ​gms doesnt need to answer you about it. just put the names, location, and some relevant information. and leave skype and go back to the game
  14. There are EE, and Bishops with a resurrect up to 90% of the xp, and even you have donation for an extra -50% xp lost, so you will end up losing only 0.5% of your xp bar.