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Dear friends!

The bot problem affects all of us. And you, honest players who see people achieve something in the game with botting, and us, the administration, which sees how players, wanting to get everything at once, destroy all, where we have invested so much time and effort. And now we have to put all our strength in the fight against bots.

Both you and us can see that the threads about bots are showing up very often. You telling us about the bots all the time, but as an individual reporting a bot in Skype - you can not see the whole picture of the work on erasing bots from our server.

Since at the moment our defense is still in development and it is not just words, we are really working on protection and, unfortunately, as it was said previously, we can not take already someone's achievements, because they are not configured for the Classic, we declare Bot Hunter Recruitment.

For users, who think that 90% of the server will be banned because of personal beliefs, etc. - don't worry. Bot Hunters won't have the option to block bots themselves. The decision to lock will be taken by the administration, after providing irrefutable evidence from the Hunter.

Requirements for candidates:
- High online time
- Availability of Skype
- Knowledge of the rules of the server and the ability to determine the violation

The format of the application:
- Your name
- Your nickname in the game
- How long you can / are willing to pay to work?
- At what time of day (day / night) you can work?
- Do you have experience in this area?
- Your Skype

All bot hunters at the beginning will pass the internship and after passing that stage successfully you will be rewarded for your work.

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