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Bring loop macro again

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After so many changes maybe its time to bring back loop macro and work like it was in the past?

All people know already you cant even find 3 active people for farm party exp all party areas are empty loa/toi/devil island etc

You can only farm with full stacked with epics and gear char and high lvl char buffers 

So my believe if you bring loop macro again some people will start farm again more easy and more active

Most of them are dont do it because you must alt tab for dance again for song again for stigma again and after 4 buff round you are done with that

Please consider my thoughts

Plus server is gona  make some money from pa.since raid boss changes less people need pa anymore

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Bro seriously, why remove loop on macros? IMHO

my points:

- using shout with macros make it easier to buy/sell items, find party, clan, farm buddy, etc... (ahhh but then they will use to promote sites of buying/sell adena, - they already do.)

- will not need to alt+tab to give dance/song, making the game more enjoyable and less annoying. (I see as an increase of probability of more people buying a premium account)

- using box to pickup and follow. (what is the problem with that? no one like to pickup drops, if I have a box, the chance that I'm paying PA for it, is very high, so again, the server benefit from it)

- someone can use as auto-farm. ok, yes, low lvl maybe it can work, but where it really matter, on the end game, impossible. 

To resume, automation came to stay, we can see it in plenty of games, included the new versions of L2, and I think would make the server more interesting for many players. 

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