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  1. Post something about you a pvp video i am sure it would be fun to see something from you
  2. Imagine you dont even know and ask others about me how long you play in server 1 year?have you achieve anything until now? at least now server is empty with no enemy free pve farm epic now go again in your cave and stfu
  3. Modi here if that is enough for you,now go shut up and stay in your cave, before you open again your mouth.
  4. Imagine you couldnt get them and you just rmt them,imagine now if someone bring all evidence of asian rmt at gm do you think will stay anyone to play? Btw when asian was winning? And how? 90% of them botters/rmt/scammers/nofinger/crybabies
  5. Lose epics? You have buy almost all epics from me on start did you forget? And play for fun? Fun is when you dont invest whole years payment QQ
  6. First of all you talk about winner from what you have win? You dont even have change the name o rizos on dagger kekw
  7. Can you say some reasons you think will not bring new players,old players/ again exp regions full/healthy market again/new allies/drama/party room open again/more pvp? I would be happy if you can bring some good examples of your thoughts
  8. After so many changes maybe its time to bring back loop macro and work like it was in the past? All people know already you cant even find 3 active people for farm party exp all party areas are empty loa/toi/devil island etc You can only farm with full stacked with epics and gear char and high lvl char buffers So my believe if you bring loop macro again some people will start farm again more easy and more active Most of them are dont do it because you must alt tab for dance again for song again for stigma again and after 4 buff round you are done with that Please consider my thoughts Plus server is gona make some money from pa.since raid boss changes less people need pa anymore
  9. bring back CD from IC at DA like before....
  10. Autiampouras

    PvP lottery!

    and so now whats the problem they left server and you still cry about them if you have the balls when talk about someone tag him so he can defend about what you say and if you wanna know how i am i am Modiano at discord at least i have the balls to say who i am not like you