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S> +7 Great Pata: 50kk

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Yall should be down on the ground kissing my boots anyway; donators, inluding myself, are the reason this server stays alive and you get to play here. If you don't donate, you're just a leech, contributing nothing back to the people who allow you to play. Hope you're proud of yourselves!

Anyway, not sure why you guys think it's cool to be broke and uncool to have spare money to spend. If you can't afford to donate $5 to this project, maybe you should get a job, advance your career, or stop mooching off mommy and daddy and stop wasting your time playing Lineage 2. As for what I've spent, I can afford it, I get fun out of it, so who cares? But, I guess it's human nature to hate on people who have what you want. 

I might make a "TheRealDonator" char to flaunt my donator status. I take pride in it. So yall keep hating if you want.

Just not in this thread.

Shoot me a PM in game if you wanna thank me for supporting the server you play on, or if you want to continue demonstrating your petty, pathetic jealousy! xDxDxDxD

Gotta say tho, not sure about these other clowns, but I thought you were a little better than this, Victor...and all cause I didn't give you my duals that you begged for every day since I knew you :(:(:(:(

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Пожалуйста, никакой драмы о overenchanted вещи. Большинство из них я купил в игре от других игроков, так что не знаю, как они были сделаны.


Для Продажи:


+4 Грейт Пата -- 20kk      ----> +6 Грейт Пата: 45kk -----> +7 Грейт Пата: 75kk




+5 Демон персонала -- 40kk ----> +7 Демон персонала: 95kk


+13 усиленный длинный лук (271 Patk) -- 30kk Продано!




+6 Соединение Сапоги

Эклиптики Топор



ПМ/Почта в игре или через форум. IGN: еще TheRealTuna

​sooka.classic  скайп 

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