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  1. Hello so the CP will be intenrational the requirments are not going to be too over the top NO level requierment atm but atleast 20 + Just 4-5 hours playing time a day ( cuz we are low lvls atm it wont be requied to be playing with the team on those hours but after 40 it will be ) Having RaidCall and speaking english fluently. what we are looking for : Archer - TAKEN Archer - TAKEN Archer - Archer - Bishop FREE WC - TAKEN Dancer - FREE Swordsinger - FREE Elven Elder- FREE Spoiler - TAKEN 10th for more info pm me in game ReijinGrey or here thanks and good luck
  2. ​You see less people after restart at Friday morning? ​you know what i mean .. usually ;D not just friday morning ^^
  3. i see less and less people on ;S and i hope that server doesn't fail i mean 1k is okay for this server but .. probably is the time as u said and the GMT's
  4. i just asked that xDxD before you!
  5. ​no, its bigger enough. For Classic 1k is enough. INNOVA didn't hurt server. I see more new people than that who left. Beside people who left they don't left cuz of innova. ​then what was the problem there are alot of good stuff here and constant updates . .etc good and understanding staff the bots or what?
  6. Hello guys i need to ask how many people do u think there are in the server at the moment and do you think that after the opening of the official the server got hurted ? just gathering some information . i dont want to change the mind of the people or anything like that! just curiosity
  7. thanks gl with the sells and if u have a C bow pm me
  8. can you show us picture ? and WEekreport i think you want something but not sure what
  10. WTB TOP D BOW and Eminence bow ingame ReijinGrey or pm me here in the forum.
  11. thats more like it thanks where waas the spot that drops top No bows ?