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Hack/scam cases support

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Dear players!

Almost every day our Support department receiving Tickets about "Hacks"

Our server is perfectly protected from any kind of brut/hacks. And in all the cases, which Support department was taking care of, there were no hacks, just pity result of account sharing.

In Project Rules there is special note about it.

On 9/25/2015 at 10:28 PM, Kse said:

2. Players may:

2.4 Give access to their account to other players. BUT by giving your account to anyone, you take on responsibility for everything that may happen to it (scam, ban, e-mail or password change etc). 

So from now the work with scams, "hacks" etc It will be carried out according to the following scheme:

If your account was scammed, you can request paid service, which include logs check-in, return of your stolen goods ( with exception - broken items can not be returned. Broken - enchant failed/crystallised. Exception - Epic jewelry and Baium talismans, those are being returned either way ), information about thief.
To do so you need to submit a Ticket to Support. Price of the service - 10 Euro on Master Account.
Keep in mind, that scam cases investigation is very time consuming process. Thus, it can and probably will take more than 24 hours. So, please, be patient.

If the character got caught on stealing, he is being banned.
By Project Rules

On 9/25/2015 at 10:28 PM, Kse said:

1. Players are not allowed to:

1.12 Any kind of theft.

To get unbanned (2nd chance), unban as for botting is no longer applying. To be unbanned for theft you need to have 10 Euro on Master Account. And, as always, 2nd ban leads to permanent account block.


Best regards,

Classic Team

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