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Diversity of Olympics vol. 8

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Diversity of Olympics - Shiellien Knight

Month: December / January
Chronicle: Classic 2.0 Saviors
Name: Anytime
Class: Shillien Knight (sk)
Clan: Anarchy / WuKong / Defcon1 / Deviate / NonFactor
Alliance: -
Length: 19:48


So here we go with 5th volume of Diversity of Olympics - Shiellien Knight.
Finally managed to come back to my old drive with some spare time and cut frapses from another classes i played here on the original TI. Since i am still banned on discord, posting it at least here on forum for people once again to see that classic olympiad is not only DA/necro/destro/ES, but can make almost any class work. I consider SK to be decent in powerlevel, however it requires lots of kitting around and hiding to let your dots do massive damage. Once in a while when you have chain strike ready, since its insta cast, you can interrupt any other CC enemy has (horror/stun/fear/sleep) and go for lightning strike, which is pretty good CC unless enemy has DC set (was quite rare until the update where cloths were not problem anymore). 
In video you can see following:

Fights against OL/Necro/SK/ES/PS/Tyrant/Destro/DA/WC


PS: still have left like 5-6 classes which are not cut and not put in any kind of video which will be done eventually i think, but i am not really eager for them as those were quite strong classes like DA/necro/destro and then PS/bishop, but it will be done eventually and added to diversity of olympics playlist 😉 

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yo, malaka. flashbacks from 2018? xD 

still hitting a like, coz  you know how tun run behind the pillars, you know how to press buttons. 

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