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  1. Classic Valentine's Event

    BSOE <3
  2. iNevil, Against all [Anathema clan]

    yes guys sry for resolution i forgot im using 4:3 monitor ATM
  3. iNevil, Against all [Anathema clan]

    lf more trolls from fish - 4
  4. iNevil, Against all - - daily loa/ab pvp POV: iNevil [The Necromancer], CLAN: Anathema
  5. Future BLADEDANCER looking for CLAN!!!

    Hello we are international clan Anathema. Need active players and as BD u can have fun with us all the time. Pm Demoss/Podla IG. Wish u GL.
  6. Give me advice

    Hello and welcome, I recommend you to lvl up in forrest of mirrors. Shamans have no drop but give extra XP and captain's drop proof of blood so u can get both xp and adena there. Wish u GL. Didn't hear about any quest which is worth to do so far.
  7. Warrior party

    silence mages and root
  8. Lineage 2 (OFFICIAL) daily pvp + sieges POV: iNevil [The Necromancer], CLAN: Anathema
  9. Hi I'm back! ...(who cares)

    At begining Ultax he is 60 or 59 lvl man and almost kill u dont cry about bsoe it's pointless u do the same btw how can u put video of full pt killing half pt on boxes( fight with Demoss) w8ing for better videos u've got talent maan.
  10. agression mechanics

    I must agree, with many times on RB it works same like in video RB is on archer most of time and sometimes it hits random targets
  11. Auction house

    well mine was there after 1-3 days or so
  12. Totally Toxic clan

    ​better leave pet clan and come to war, trash
  13. Random?

    nothing special tank vs tyrant
  14. Very slow main page

    Hello everyone, recently I've realized the main page is very slow. Are you having the same problem or it's just me having this issue ? Thanks.
  15. Totally Toxic clan

    Největší československý klan stále nabírá!!! Fungujeme v mezinárodní alianci mnoha klanů. Dělí se na tři hlavní herní časy Evropa/Amerika/Asie, kde spadáme pod evropské vedení. Bereme každého kdo splňuje základní podmínky: TS3, věk 18+, ochota a chuť spolupráce s lidmi z klanu a aliance více info o klanu zde: Kontaktovat nás můžete přes fórum nebo ve hře přes pm/mail na postavy Stiba007/ Oldik/ Scorpio/ iNevil/ Apocalypsa/ Fusso We r recruting all players using czech/slovak language or polish people which understand czech/slovak and speak english.