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  1. I totally agree with you. Although l2 classic created the game this way
  2. Well I do not know I've never lost -4 There is one thing called bsor (blessed scroll of resurrection)
  3. You are number 1ยบ
  4. Joymark


    Unlike others, I respect the rules of the forum and the server
  5. Joymark


    You are a professional You have to be in the video
  6. oooohhhh Good. I have video of what happened But I will not show it because I consider myself a smart person. KingLeonidas if you want to show it.... For me it is proved what I wanted to know And I have nothing more to comment on this
  7. You talk modoy nonsense, Leonidas use bw light..... I am grateful for the comments always on the same absurdities
  8. 1- Punishment? 2- You are a NEWBIE. You showed it to me. 3- Do you think you have shown anything with this photo? You use WIT and me CON. And fear is op. 4- Some people like to cheat to win. I have no problem. 5- I hope to see you, DA hero. PD: Fools should allow them to believe in their illusion
  9. Has been confused. He meant kingleonidas.
  10. Thanks "Modoy", But I do not want bonobos in my clan.
  11. ..... Go coliseum, I will not use fear
  12. jajajaja jajajaja Lokiardy go coliseum, i no use fear ok? 00:35 I no use fear Lokiardy dawn.