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  1. Joaqo

    Summer Time Event!

    i Download the "english patch" i replace the system and now the mobs drop me event items
  2. Joaqo

    Summer Time Event!

    The other computer is death, i will try dowloading the client again.... this is really strange
  3. Joaqo

    Summer Time Event!

    i can t do that, other solution?
  4. Joaqo

    Summer Time Event!

    i mean i did full check files, what can i do now ? the other computer is in my office so i cant play there i am losing the event...
  5. Joaqo

    Summer Time Event!

    yes i just check it , both are updated, one is a notebook (here is where i can t pick up event items, i mean mobs don t drop it) and the other one is a PC
  6. Joaqo

    Summer Time Event!

    Please i need some help with this, i had 2 computers.... I pick the even items in one of them but in the other one the mobs don t drop event items.... PD: Sorry for my english
  7. Joaqo

    Summer Time Event!

    i update the client with the launcher but mobs don t drop me event items what am i doing wrong ?
  8. I am farming solo since i started to play this, lvl 51 Hawkeye, the best way is do RB on weekends.... I mean i am not a vicious player so its ok for me, i am just a nostalgic gamer, but it would be hard that someone share with u a buffer cause there are a lot of thieves outside there
  9. This game is like a drug, if u never played it, dont do it
  10. Market is really down right now, it nos like it uses to be, i use to buy/sell 20 EAC per day, and other items now i am lucky if i sell 1 EAC, don t talk about items or materials.... all go down in prices...
  11. Hi, can u people log ? when i try it says, there is a system error, please try it later.
  12. i want the thinks that this guys smoke in europe, we dont have it in southamerica
  13. whats would happen with +12 stats in 2.0 ?
  14. join the server, u wont regret
  15. they are good, DC robe is better than Tallum heavy and for me the best one is MJ light for archers