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  1. The spot is really crowded man, don t send more people here please! i started to play this like one or two a months ago, there was an event, the mobs drops some snowballs and i made like 10kk with that event... U should do the same with this event, u can sell complete hearts for 50-80k , if u sell for example 100 hearts (not difficult to get but maybe to sell) for 50k each there u have 5kk... (i am selling the complete hearts in that prices, but it takes some time to find someone who wants it) (NOT EXCHANGE THE HEARTS WITH THE NPC TO SELL THE CAKES, CAUSE U CAN'T SELL THE CAKES FOR MORE THAN 350K AND THERE ARE NOT EASY TO GET) The last snowball event was easier to get money cause there was only one item, here u have 9 items to sell...... but try it... u cant get top D to fast level pd: EXCUSE MY ENGLISH please
  2. ​Why is not classic the CON system? i think is a good system, ORC must have more resistant to stun than an ELF for example Mages has less CON so this is the perfect system , how u calculate stun if not with CON ? PD Excuse me for my english
  3. ​Are you serious? You can even get full emi bow from there just with quest Sucks Hard.... ​I didn t knew that, i just read in the l2 wiki classic that this place exist and ask, that s all
  4. ​We won't have it. It was in 1.5 or 1.3 I think. ​we are in 1.5, it exist or not?
  6. Hi , Dungeon of Abyss exist in this chronicle? Where is NPC Tores?
  7. ​is fixed now
  8. ​It looks so cute, and that s what increase the price of the event items
  9. ​+1
  10. Hi L2 old school classic players I need ur advice, i was leveling doing quest, cause i need the extra money i did the black mark quest, abandoned camp, Plains of the lizardmen quest and Alligator island quest (few money on this one) My question is, i am gonna reach lvl 44, there are more quest to do? Can u recommend my one ? or a good place to lvl ? (i am archer, and i don t know this chronicle) Thanks PD: Excuse me for my english
  11. I don t undestand somethink, u can put a lvl 13 rune in a Eminenec Bow for example ? or there is a limit in base of the grade of the weapon ?
  12. CLOSED
  14. happy chinese new year !
  15. Amigo me hice un enano spoiler, lvl 20, soy nuevo en el server y necesito oro DONDE ME RECOMENDÁS IR A SPOILEAR?