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  1. i want the thinks that this guys smoke in europe, we dont have it in southamerica
  2. whats would happen with +12 stats in 2.0 ?
  3. join the server, u wont regret
  4. they are good, DC robe is better than Tallum heavy and for me the best one is MJ light for archers
  5. like all games dude
  6. the OP one is the MJ set 50% resist stun ! ! ! +8% ARCHERS P ATTACK i want it
  7. this is a private server, who needs money, the A items should be in auction house, if someone wants to spend a lot of money on it, let them do it.... There are weapons +15 in AH so.... A grade items will not make a big difference PD: Excuse my english
  8. la población yo la veo bien, espero que el nuevo server no haga decaer el Classic, prefiero toda la vida el classic que HB , si fuera GF si lo pensaría
  9. i am lvl 29 spoiler, go to ORC BARRACKS if u have a party, coal 1-3 , a. skin 1-3 a. and more , but x2 life mobs
  10. Bienvenido, vas a darte cuenta que este server es el mejor de la actualidad , yo juego hace unos 2 meses aprox. si queres podes hablarme por privado por cualquier consulta 1) en lvl 25 tenes una quest que te da armadura, caso, botas y guantes mid D, te recomiendo solo gastar en una weapon D (Moon quest) , también te recomiendo buscar el post donde dice que quest tienen aumentada la recompensa de adenas, son quest de lvl 20 a lvl 42 , no te van a dar mucho dinero pero todo suma y te cubre el gasto de ss 2) en mi caso para hacer Adenas, fue muy importante los eventos que tiene cada cierto tiempo el server y además me hice un spoiler, es un trabajo tedioso pero es la úniac forma 3) el server tiene mucha gente, muchos usos horarios porque juegan europeos, asiáticos y Americanos por lo que siempre te vas a cruzar gente, vas a empezar a notar mucha cantidad de gente a partir de 50+ , pero por ejemplo Execution Ground tiene mucha gente, la población oscila entre 1k y 2.5k de players
  11. most people use ssC, u have to fast level dude and we can make some business....
  12. Hi, and welcome there are a lot of bonus for new people, and there will be more on 2.0 , u can fast lvl to 40+ The server is really full of people, i started to play like 2 months ago and for example Execution Ground is crowded, and high lvl places are even more populated , hoy many people ? i don t know but i am sure there are more than 1k players and 2k at weekend i recommend u this server guys, unfortunantly the valentine events finish but u can do good money with the server events in the future PD: Excuse my english
  13. Uso el de europa, no probé con otro Soy de ARG y tengo 0.5s de delay aprox. a veces 1s y es bastante molesto
  14. The spot is really crowded man, don t send more people here please! i started to play this like one or two a months ago, there was an event, the mobs drops some snowballs and i made like 10kk with that event... U should do the same with this event, u can sell complete hearts for 50-80k , if u sell for example 100 hearts (not difficult to get but maybe to sell) for 50k each there u have 5kk... (i am selling the complete hearts in that prices, but it takes some time to find someone who wants it) (NOT EXCHANGE THE HEARTS WITH THE NPC TO SELL THE CAKES, CAUSE U CAN'T SELL THE CAKES FOR MORE THAN 350K AND THERE ARE NOT EASY TO GET) The last snowball event was easier to get money cause there was only one item, here u have 9 items to sell...... but try it... u cant get top D to fast level pd: EXCUSE MY ENGLISH please
  15. ​Why is not classic the CON system? i think is a good system, ORC must have more resistant to stun than an ELF for example Mages has less CON so this is the perfect system , how u calculate stun if not with CON ? PD Excuse me for my english