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Found 4 results

  1. Dzinha

    A Grade Items

    Hi, I would like to suggest that for unsealing the A grade items we don't need the Cloth Pieces. The reason is that we are already flooded with +14/+16 items and is already hard to survive with just B grade stuffs, if we could at least get a little better with A grade stuffs that would improve the life quality a little. Today we can only buy that item for 80kk+, and its impossible to farm, because all those mobs are controlled by the WuAlliance
  2. WTS\WTT Inferno master (a 2 handed sword) Bloody Orchid (a dagger) Blood Tornado (a fists) Destroyer Hammer (a 2 handed blunt) A grade armors and jewels WTB ava helmet+6 AOBA+6 DEMON DAGGER+6 AVA ROBE+6 PM\Mail offers "kktnxbye
  3. How fast do you think the first A+ weapon will appear?
  4. When 2.0 patch comes A Grade Items will be the must if you want to be competitive. I don't like them to be added in Auction House from the start of the 2.0 patch because i want to see who is very good to have them and not who bought them faster. I will be for sure someone that will admire those who have them because i am not a hardcore player my self. I want this feeling that some people are better because they are just better and play more and they deserve them. Lets not destroy this feeling for them. Let them enjoy their hard work by not add A Grade Items in Auction House form the start. My personal opinion is that you can add them after 6 months or more. But lets all see who is better in our server...