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  1. Dajtovillage daily pvp 1.0

    Yup, these are sad times for vigi in european time zone, all 70+ CPs are gone, what's left are 6x PVE meatshield parties vs 72-76 gank parties / CPs + their untagged/Anathema meatshield the entire prime time God bless RoK and SM for owning the asian hours, at least someone still representing "vigi" in this server, OH OH OH. TIL Oppa, enchantss and dhemon are 72-.. Or is Rizo 72- ? Guess it doesn't matter if you are talking about this party or his actually CP, in both cases you are wrong and forgetting people. And those are just the ones we can see in top 100, no needs for lies
  2. High level trolls in farming zones

    I always wondered why they never considered removing this "feature" that only exists to make people log off/quit the server. But who am i to decide what they make custom and what they dont touch. After 40 there really isnt much you can do other than farm another time or just go farm in some crappier place.. new players can hardly find any protection from high levels , If you just play a few hours per day, around the same time, and it happens everyday you are doomed. I knew people who would keep their best gear in warehouse and farm with crappier lower grade because of this.
  3. High level trolls in farming zones

    Up until 39 you can get buff of protection on newbie guide NPC. With the buff, you cannot be attacked by a player 10+ lvls higher than you. Unfortunately, classic has the stupid mechanic that allows you to drop equipped items when dying to mobs. And people abuse it hard. You'll get even more pissed at 50+ when you try to aoe in EV and a few certain asshole SKs come to LS you. edit: sadly, i think you can only get the buff in starting villages. Lasts 1 hour from what i remember.
  4. halloween item lost by accident

    Try restarting once. Cuz Once upon a time i thought i lost it too... but somehow it was back in my inv next day. Maybe i was just too drunk to see it.
  5. L2 Classic Club - target practice - (8)

    I present you Blackjack at 5am on a lonely saturday night celebrating after finally finishing rendering and uploading a fraps to show his full active CP killing mixed parties with boxes:
  6. TotallyToxic Clan

    They are an embarrassment to this server and their ally.
  7. L2 Classic Club - target practice - (8)

    Stiba calling other archers useless.. what world are we living in ??? Leave forum and go back to FG dude... The music is really nice, dont know why you'd cry about that. Roy Jones Jr ftw
  8. Zavarakatranemia Trip

    Good times at EV, was fun , loved the pics, was nice growing up with those guys and girls. Best of luck wherever you go Zava, wether it's on a new L2 journey or real life .
  9. Darkness Castle ressurection

    Like i said, Soil reported the bug twice. GMs watched wickedsick abusing the bug the same day of second report. So what else do you really want? A bunch of tears like you in this thread trying to look for punishment to enemy ally ? Soil is wrong for not crying to punish UQ and then WS ? wtf Oh and big words about exploiting coming from the super Game-Tester that abused a possible XP bug from dark castle and only reported when he didnt have a castle anymore. And lets not forget the other super game tester Rizo that is on that video enjoying his ally abuse a siege golem bug to take Aden.
  10. Darkness Castle ressurection

    Did you miss the "in front of GMs" part ? Or you gonna try to convince me that both san0 and koll missed one of the main server forces attacking Aden, like they never tried to locate bizquit or something ? At least Soil reported the bug twice (or more times), including the day of this aden siege. And he didnt even cry about it like you are doing, he just reported the bug.
  11. Darkness Castle ressurection

    It changes a bit actually. If you know your enemies abused it in front of GMs 3-4months ago and nothing bad ever happened to them for doing it (only good things happened, like profiting who knows how much adena at a time where no siege force in the server could do much to aden's guards) why would you think that 3-4months later you're not allowed to do it against the guys who got the castle using bugs ?
  12. Darkness Castle ressurection

    And if anything it was a very conscious bug abuse AFTER READING SOIL'S REPORT THAT IT WAS POSSIBLE OR JUST WATCHING UQ DO IT, since that happened in the first siege post-report.
  13. Darkness Castle ressurection

    No it was not the first time. Took me 30 seconds to find a thread before that siege, oh and look who is reporting. I bring facts, you bring a bunch of "i believe this and that, please test this for me cuz i didnt notice it was bugged when i had dark castle aden". /drops mic
  14. Darkness Castle ressurection

    What a joke, if it is really a bug he abused it for many weeks knowing it was bugged just to report as soon as he lost castle. Great "game tester", totally trying to help the server. I also don't remember Modoy or anyone else in wickedsick ally crying about golems inside castles when they took aden from NPCs by sending the siege golem first before any player into every INNER room of the castle to absorb damage/deal aoe dmg. And here is video proof (better watch it before bizquit tells the poor boy to delete it from youtube, i dont care enough to download it): Is this the part where i pull a Modoy and wonder if the dwarf/bizzquit/game testers will be punished for this? Or maybe every single one present in this video (never gonna happen right?) ? @San0 i wonder how will staff punish wickedsick for abusing siege golem standing at the pray room, or does abusing of reported bugs have no consequences? So i can only laugh at modoy trying to throw this at vigi when they did even worse 3 months ago to take it from NPCs. There is simply no way they would take Aden from NPCs with the siege force they had that day, look how much they profited from this bug abuse..
  15. Siege Thread 02/26/17

    Trying to figure out what is worse, Stiba not knowing what FG is or Driver believing that politics are not important in L2. Is this your first lineage 2 server ever ? 12++ years later and some people still know shit about the game. You could be just bad in game but then you also decide to embarass yourselves on forums. And if u wanna cry about numbers, go cry to bizzquit, cuz he is the one who turned this server into a 2sided zerg festival thinking he would dominate multiple timezones while zerging the siege. Only one who helped a little bit was that newbie Tribo leader who backstabed UniQue and ruined what was the 3rd side back then. Poor snake tho. He is just a little boy making 12+ people run his cp, switching sides cuz he couldnt farm, slowly trying to steal everything soil conquered, all of that while thinking that he is some kind of hot-shit who is carrying the ally. Leave britn... the snake alone please !!!