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  1. RealTalk added a post in a topic: Restarts   

    Are you sure you were not in Bizzquit's gang party on a weekend few weeks back (maybe a month+ to be honest) ganking my 3 man party in FoMassacre with an 8+ full buffed 70-76 party ? ^^
    Could swear i saw u.. and cloudyq, jackripper, harvester, bizz and a few others on my camera. Happened right after we won a 3x3 against Miky and some other dudes. So much for this honor talk....
    @INevil I have personally seen you and Stiba a dozen+ times in AI trying to steal top spot for ur lowbies by using 6x chars and also stunning tanks from random parties, so buy a mirror dude, if you bring your 6x chars ofc other people will bring too.
    Also i'm not surprised that you are following this thread closely, since you are one of the kings of force-log off in this server.

    Meanwhile i'm still trying to figure out how people log out so quickly after getting hit,  
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  2. RealTalk added a post in a topic: Restarts   

    ​yea, i would vote in favor of that, because the problem never was on restart or dc time, the issue was always dropping EQUIPPED gear on death. Dropping only from inventory would be fair enough.
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  3. RealTalk added a post in a topic: BadMachineTeam # Falling   

    All the videos in your channel are nice. Well played.
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  4. RealTalk added a post in a topic: Restarts   

    Lol, the only time my internet crashed with a train on my back i was full HP and still logged back with no chest-armor .
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  5. RealTalk added a post in a topic: Your pre-2.0 update suggestions   

    Takes what, half an hour, 1 hour to report something via uploads, by the time GM reads thread and goes to check the target might not even be online anymore, GM has to come back to the subject everytime he logs back in. Great system we have, saves everyone a lot of time ! No wonder it can be so easy to bot here until ~55-60 or whatever, then change nick and class so that no one will even know u botted so many levels on that main char of yours.
    Currently GMs dont really waste [much?] time hunting bots. Because it obviously takes a lot of time to walk from place to place no matter what speed their char have. With a report system that they can check instantly if they are online, they will go directly to their suspicious targets. Saves everyone, reporters and GMs a lot of time, and they can actively punish way more infractors than they do now.
    If it worked on servers with 4k+ players, dont see the reason to not even try it here for silly "takes a minute to check something" reasons.
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  6. RealTalk added a post in a topic: Your pre-2.0 update suggestions   

    ?????? So what that people randomly report enemies, it will do nothing if GM comes check and sees nothing worth punishing. 
    On the other hand, people would stop botting so freely, cuz honestly less than 5% of the server's populations cares about recording, uploading, making a thread about a bot. And that includes me, dont rly like wasting my little game time doing all of that. A lot of them don't even have the english skills to come here anyway.
    Same goes for adena sellers, even tho we know they will eventually come back, they wouldn't be spamming all day long so freely before getting banned.
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  7. RealTalk added a post in a topic: Your pre-2.0 update suggestions   

    Doesnt have much to do with 2.0, but a working INGAME report button would do wonders for this server.
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  8. RealTalk added a post in a topic: 2.0++ patch notes   

    Players have 1 hour to kill Zaken? A.K.A kill a lvl 75 Zaken during the night ?  That should be challenge... Maybe i just missed something or is just a translation misunderstanding
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  9. RealTalk added a post in a topic: Clan Halls   

    ​Yea they did, and the same group of chinese donators bought both on 2 different clans. Even the clan that held giran castle (i guess we can assume they had a lot of adena?) couldnt outbid them.
    So at this point in the server it is not exactly a fair competition out there when they go on auction. Be it selling CoLs or buying illegal adena, the fact is that they bought the last 2 CHs that went to auction with real money. I guess you could say that it is never a fair competition for Z factors, but when real money is involved the GAP increases too easily without any need of teamwork ingame. 
    I don't think it is something that should take priority over 2.0 at all, but when you are done with that you could definetly start thinking about the possibility of adding Fortress/Siege CHs. If it cant be done, perhaps temporary CHs could be a plan B... Or anything that gives simple clans a shot against donators in the CLAN HALL WORLD, would make a lot of people happy.
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  10. RealTalk added a post in a topic: Restarts   

    I think it is part of the game when people relog before getting attacked, rr their boxes and what not.
    But there is something really wrong with what happens in this server with people logging out so easily seconds after getting hit, or just after getting hit. That should never be allowed yet you'll see it happen everyday if you gank.
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  11. RealTalk added a post in a topic: Clan Halls   

    The clan hall situation in this server is really awful to be honest. Yes, it is an old server and such situation is expected, but sure  a server that we tell everyone who asks that it is a good place to start, be it alone or with a clan, could try to do something about it, no ? 
    A lot of alt or dead clans holding clan halls, more recently chinese donators getting all good clan halls that become available via real-money transactions, making people lose any hope of ever getting one without investing a lot of euros in the game.
    While i don't necessarily agree with Inevil's suggestions, as im not sure we should take away what others payed for (even tho i hate that they are holding the chs), i do think the Admins could pay attention to this after they are done with 2.0. Siege/Fortress clan halls could be an awesome addition to the game. But temporary CHs would also help.
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  12. RealTalk added a post in a topic: MoDoy vol. 2 LoA pvp   

    "you didnt get my point",... You talked about YOUR party. You have no flags, cuz castle. So you just don't know what you're saying.
    And about the zerg you just went delusional Uchiha. Have a nice weekend buddy.
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  13. RealTalk added a post in a topic: MoDoy vol. 2 LoA pvp   

    Someone needs to fraps AB + LOA + BS during the entire asian and NA+SA timezones and show to this guy. Free farm everywhere for a bunch of your parties, no competition except a gank or another from ES (and if it is in AB the party that gets ganked just runs to the other party anyway, poor ES boys can't even have some fun against your NA parties, hard to find 1 party alone) or ROK (at least killing chinese and hwarangs is easy for them, even the lvl 72-73 chinese parties dont do much when they meet a real party, might wanna invest more euros boys). He thinks you guys are less because he plays on euro time zone ? Then you have a video above showing an euro-prime time mass pvp where we were about the same during euro time anyway, lol. 
    Yea, TT are just 2 archer parties (been hearing that for a few monhts now, lol), that's why they talk about their 4 clans on recruit section. As if they use more than 1 for their epic chars, as they cant even level up their mains according to you. Hard to care about them tho, specially when their own allies make fun of them being still 62 (inevil please delevel your char to make company to the lv60 archers! stop being so greedy trying to reach 70 alone) .
    But the real question when it comes to numbers is, are you guys going to 69 your wartags ES again ? Just for siege or gonna extend for any epic boss that happens on sunday too, like last time?
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  14. RealTalk added a post in a topic: MoDoy vol. 2 LoA pvp   

    (siege fights with infinite respawn on flags and the meatshields eating your MP can be very lame)
    It is actually sad that you guys don't agree with this statement and try to turn this into an ally vs ally discussion.  
    I'm sure some people from our side did the same thing, impossible to even try to deny that, altho the number of people on ur side was much larger last siege so MP-wise the meatshield damage was much bigger, unfortunately we didn't get close to the same ammount we had on the siege before (but bump thread, wickesick recruits CPs 55+). That being said, when u say that you were attacking enemies at the flags it is completely different from people respawning and running 5000+range of distance towards us unbuffed just to eat our MP, like all TTs archers, genocide, terroristas and a bunch of other randoms were doing.
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  15. RealTalk added a post in a topic: MoDoy vol. 2 LoA pvp   

    ​Never said it was 5*40 people, im sorry that you get offended by that. But yea i'm definetly including CoB and TT who were not putting just 1 party each at the siege. 
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