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  1. or are they still sucking chn dick?
  2. BlackJack

    Skill Recovering

    Just dropping by for an annual visit to say bizzquit is the sorest loser i've seen in gaming.
  3. Fear is bugged? I have heard the calls of the gods, please fix it!
  4. BlackJack

    Deviate squad

    I feel out of touch with the memes on the server Someone enlighten me how much does bizz suck atm
  5. BlackJack

    25 vs 50

    give me something to drive for pvp!
  6. let me know if you need my help, i am always game for some ally breaking action
  7. well isn't this exactly what i said Like that china SK full disrespect talisman in ur face lul. Idk about sors, lack of slows/blizzard will be rough. I actually rate sps pretty high on the powerscale excluding the op farming classes.
  8. I agree, your most fun video, the combination of great play + bad players + sps disrespect actually made sps look strong P.S. Blizzard is still the best spell on classic.
  9. BlackJack

    Martino Pvp

    This really sums it up pretty well:
  10. I mean his char is indeed Isno the ABG sheriff so..
  11. Yeah, the administration has generally been awesome through the history of the server, thats a main reason for it's longevity. But imagine if you have to actually go though all this shit ;/
  12. Btw I had a bet with someone how long till sjekz topples bizz. My money was on 1 year after the summer break. Oh well, almost guessed correctly.