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  1. fishfood

    Olly 2

    I don't even know why I bother talking to you, you're dumb as shit and completely irreverent watch 20 seconds of this clip and you can see who zerged who.
  2. fishfood

    Olly 2

    Are you really talking about CHs? Who gives a shit LOL. You played longer than I did and you did absolutely nothing except get shit on by everyone. You see I go from server to server and am an undisputed king, you try to server hop and still get shit on by everyone.. that must be depressing.
  3. fishfood

    Olly 2

    You were less than dog shit on NA classic so idk why you're acting tough. You were level 50 when people were 75.
  4. fishfood

    Competition in server

    I hope you guys realize one your hero's come out whoever has more active heros will win the fights. They can 2-3 more parties than you if you have 2-3 more heros you will win all ToI fights, just depends who uses fear/grandeurs first. Hero skills in 2.0 are seriously broken and ruin 75% of all pvps imo.
  5. fishfood

    Blue Team VOP is the New Trend

    I finish the fight with just enough mana, it's not rocket science. I'd rather win the fight with no mana. then lose the fight with half mana like you would. When i'm done having fun on Skelth I'll make a return here, I hope you play in the same timezone as me
  6. fishfood

    Blue Team VOP is the New Trend

    Same reason I am undefeated in 9v9s...weird right?
  7. fishfood

    Road to Baium, DramaTeam ally 19/11/2017

    Dunno who you are but sorry I pushed your shit in so hard that you can't hop off dis dik months later
  8. fishfood

    Blue Team VOP is the New Trend

    Do you know what driving a char is? Holy fuck your dense bud let me educate you real quick.
  9. fishfood

    Road to Baium, DramaTeam ally 19/11/2017

    Jerry you can kill baium with 2-3 parties without ++++++ weapons or epics, pm me and I can give you some insider info
  10. fishfood

    Blue Team VOP is the New Trend

    I don't spend any money on L2 lol, spamming vamp claw is a strategy that clearly is too hard for you too comprehend, but there is a reason I won all 9v9s and most pvps. Epics dont make a difference in pvp except orfen.. it's not 1.5 anymore where the first person to silence wins. So what if I have full epics? I never bought any epic on any server and I always seem to have epics where ever I go..weird
  11. fishfood

    Blue Team VOP is the New Trend

    Is this the quality of pvp now? Your cc leader is a nuker with full mp the whole fight, standing there typing RUSH RUSH. You don't have transfer pain on in half the fights, nobody is assisting. I mean.. it's almost 2k18 guys l2p.
  12. fishfood

    Castle of 2kkk

    I literally turned on some random L2 stream of a perma rude dude, and saw you begging to stop being pked, I laughed that was all.
  13. fishfood

    Castle of 2kkk Very stronk Aden owners begging not to get pked lul
  14. fishfood

    2.0 Open Beta Test

    Don't really have time to test, but I played 2.0 on Skelth for awhile I can probably answer most questions, except regarding BS mobs since they got changed again in 2.5(zaken patch)
  15. fishfood

    Summer of 69

    Watching these 1.5 fights, pony/cat buff is seriously op in classic. You guys will realize it when 2.0 hits.