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  1. !WTS +12 Homu WTB ++++ Cry dagger/Demon dagger
  2. Talking Island x3 Streamers English Everyday from 4PM EST - 11PM EST Best looking guy on the server.
  3. Unable to stream

    Don't worry guys. I'll be streaming tonight. I hope I get pked a lot, but I won't cry and make a forum post!
  4. Unable to stream

    Are you quoting yourself? Lol. I didn't kill you because you're a "streamer" I killed you because you didn't let me join the party. It's L2. Get used to it.
  5. Unable to stream

    How did I stream snipe you? I even asked for party on my DD and you guys didn't want me. So I looked at a couple of RBs and found you. No stream sniping was needed. It's not hard to find a group BUGGING the Raid boss outside of town. Hmm
  6. Unable to stream

    Wait.... Is this L2 or is this WoW? If I made a forum post every time someone killed me by stun shotting while I lure/pull mobs for AOE I would be on here everyday. Just because you're streaming doesn't mean you get to act like a princess whenever it benefits you. You guys flagged and killed the orc - so I came and killed you. Get over it. You brought a Lvl75 Necro, Two 52+ Archers and a 40+ SH to kill me, wouldn't that be griefing me? ///EDIT/// You probably sound like the guy in this video at 2:05, right?
  7. Stream - Cbiscuitt

    Actually Pvping is part of L2 incase you didn't know. JayDaddy is a lvl 24 Orc and came and flagged on you guys. (full party of 9) and you guys flagged back on him. My lvl 40x came and killed you guys. You called Lvl75s to come kill me. That's part of L2.... stop crying.