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  1. WTB AQ3

    WTB AQ3 1.5kkk
  2. WTB +16 Emi

    WTB +16 Emi 1.6kkk
  3. WTB BW Robe +6

  4. WTB BW Robe +6

  5. WTB BW Robe +6

    !WTB +6 BW Robe Tunic/Stockings. Also !WTB +6 BW Boots.
  6. WTS Emi +16

    Still for sale?
  7. WTB +6 Doom Boots

    !WTB +6 Doom Boots. Paying well.
  8. SLS soul shot consumption

    Up! Can someone take a look at this?
  9. Zeep 2.0 & More on CP

    So much better than what other Daggers on the server are putting out.
  10. WTS +6 Sets

    WTS +7/6/6/6 PL Set // 115kk or Offer WTS +6/6/6 Drake Set // 110kk or Offer I also have a +6 FP Helm that can go with either set. WTS +4/4/4/4 Doom Hvy Set // 150kk or Offer WTS Level 7 and Level 6 Othell // 150kk - 85kk WTS +10 SLS 325kk or Offer
  11. !WTS +12 Homu WTB ++++ Cry dagger/Demon dagger
  12. Talking Island x3 Streamers English Everyday from 4PM EST - 11PM EST Best looking guy on the server.
  13. Stream - Cbiscuitt

    Actually Pvping is part of L2 incase you didn't know. JayDaddy is a lvl 24 Orc and came and flagged on you guys. (full party of 9) and you guys flagged back on him. My lvl 40x came and killed you guys. You called Lvl75s to come kill me. That's part of L2.... stop crying.