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  1. RoolBack

    Daggers throwing mobs to others

    Bring PR PK 60+, 1 FC in each dagger and they wont come again.
  2. RoolBack

    Titan Olly POV

    Kids grown up with time 👌
  3. RoolBack

    Titan Olly POV

    We still have 3 weekends calm down ❤️
  4. RoolBack

    Titan Olly POV

    This month is for real now, I count on you 😅🤜🤛 this month is something like ''hold my beer'' aahhaha
  5. RoolBack

    WTB OE Light Crossbow

    offer LC +11
  6. RoolBack

    Titan Olly POV

  7. RoolBack

    Titan Olly POV

    I'll show you the end of the match, give me some minutes 😂
  8. RoolBack

    Titan Olly POV

    ahhahahahaahha shhhh.....
  9. RoolBack

    Titan Olly POV

    ahahaha well was 1x0 to me, after i lose to you we have 1x1. ahahha
  10. RoolBack

    Titan Olly POV

    Shits happen ahahahshabab
  11. RoolBack

    Titan Olly POV

  12. RoolBack Streaming campaign

    Now you got the point ahauahahah
  13. RoolBack Streaming campaign

    Hahaha I don't mind cols, Im just saying for 200h streaming and getting 15 stream cols and you can buy 1 bress not worth, like I said I stream for fun, and mostly of the times I not even shout on my stream topic..
  14. RoolBack Streaming campaign

    You guys should reward better for streamers, for example I did almost 200hours streaming and didn't get nothing, becouse of this reward ppl start stop streaming club, I do it for fun, not for the reward anymore, if you guys start thing in better way to compensate streams for sure many other ppl will start doing streams. It's my pov thx.
  15. RoolBack

    Non-Hero Mage Pov

    holy shit this sps must shine....