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  1. i got so hyped and i see is a joke QQ what im gonna do with my NM set unseal and epics now? and dual sls +16 daaaamn
  2. I understand, and youll never see me enchanting armor parts, sets, cuz i know how it works, i profit much more with weapons and selling them and buying full set ++ becouse for not worth spending money and lucky in armors parts, i let this job to others ppl
  3. Not many lucky these days, just 2 Dragon Slayer +10 and this Trash GS +15 QQ
  4. im using a program that make feels good and now i can play, for me is 100% now, before i was like this
  5. ??? Copyright bro copyright ©
  6. I see so much hate here, calm down guys. ?
  7. Just to know, I know who are you, which character you playing, sooner or later your mom will know what you trying to do with me in olly... ?