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  1. RoolBack

    zaken update when ? :D

    Yes, we start from 0 on new client...
  2. RoolBack

    IDEA for a new server

    Why start on this new server to join on this one in future? Isn't better join this one now? 🤔 😁😂
  3. RoolBack

    next event with cloak ?

    Ofc is 100%, you just need to be in CC that kills Zaken.
  4. RoolBack Zaken Update Patch Notes

    So why not leave all of them with random respawn like we have on Live atm? Its really fair NA prime get access to low Lv raids and Not High Lv Raids stucked at Eu Prime Respawn. I'm just saying.
  5. RoolBack Zaken Update Patch Notes

    And I still think to leave all raid bosses with random respawn, and leave opportunity to everyone on server to try get it, I rly think this raid only at Eu Prime won't be fair, since is not only Europeans Playing here.
  6. RoolBack Zaken Update Patch Notes

    So wait for NA QQers about Some Raid Bosses only for EU prime, Players. #Racist 😂
  7. RoolBack

    Salty China Helps Korea's Economy

    Ok then, here we go...
  8. RoolBack

    Salty Greek Helps Brazil's Economy

    Holy fuckGodDamnit 😱
  9. RoolBack

    Mods questions

    Yes, systemmsg is on Media Section
  10. RoolBack

    Trash macro or BOTs?

  11. RoolBack

    Trash macro or BOTs?

    Becouse they use 1 active and all others on Bot ofc, you need to be active in one screeen to not count as full bot party, ops macro..
  12. RoolBack

    Trash macro or BOTs?

    They don't care about NA prime Michael 🤬
  13. I like the idea, but they will move to 9 😂
  14. RoolBack

    wts othel 12 and wtb iEWC

    I can trade othel 12 for iEWC + adena.