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  1. mmmm maybe u dont need the spellbook to learn it
  2. 1. remove drop for dying by mob 2. increase karma on pk points (1 pk = 10.000 karma) P.S: all problems solved a lot of ppl is rly bored...
  3. Random content.

  4. Testimony of life quest bug

    try to speak with Thalia with these items

    i think it doesnt matter... net is net can u open any website? maybe run the updater?
  6. Dear owners of chars "sweetSS" and "1949"

    hahahahahhahahahhaha i hope it was a nice boxes siege!
  7. SK

    i made again all the quest... and it works! did u started 700 mobs? and after took the items on npc? (i think my problem was there...)
  8. Music Thread

  9. 2-3 days to see the first A weap, and +4+++... when some crazy guy/girl get ballz and will add EWA to some weapon +3
  10. i cant log in Beta 2.0

    mmmm good to know it downloading!
  11. i cant log in Beta 2.0

    updater? beta client dont have updater... u need to download the files from the Quote i posted before. make a new folder and add all files there. paste the client and next the patch.
  12. i cant log in Beta 2.0

    if u are using this files and if u login with ur account and dont work... try to contact with koll
  13. i think this can help a bit
  14. easy and simple... NO!