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  1. Music Thread

    sry for delay... i want to dedicate this song to all girls. STAY! STRONG!
  2. Pizza

    lol your fingers look like sausages, can you press the buttons of the keyboard 1 by 1? thats why u win...
  3. Hero weapons addition!

    pfffffff nice retard answer im not interested to get hero... im only interested on oly for eab and ewb. hero weapon will make disbalanced game (maybe when a lot of ppl will have A grade weap is a good option to add this shit but not for atm). thats why... and u need it because cannot kill some ppl. make a poll and u see wich option will win. P.S: Check all posts on this treat and see who is interested and who not. the last 2 posts are heros lol
  4. Pizza

    Server is on fitness too... that is losing a lot of weight gj. and ty for make lose my time too
  5. Hero weapons addition!

    more lies... u can check the ppl that fishing too the only ppl interested on Hero Weap are the ppl that get feeding hero
  6. Hero weapons addition!

    not true
  7. Hero weapons addition!

    from 1800 playing oly last week, the number jump to 500 gg
  8. WTS Ghoul's Staff +3 20kk

  9. Hero weapons addition!

    rly nasty... i vote no for this...
  10. Bear is there, bear is here.

    so funny
  11. Road To + 16 Eminance :)

    i out the room running, when i try it lol
  12. Road To + 16 Eminance :)

    this true? more STR better chance of success enchant?
  13. Cant login

    he have made 2 posts seems enraged lol
  14. Giran Harbor area

    alt+p when u visit giran harbor