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  1. so first i was playing with perkunas side and i was reaver, or reaver was me something like this, then i switched over to the enemy side and i was friend of soil or i was soil, now im back on perkunas side and im modoy. im curious who i will be next
  2. you guys already know what is happening with 2.0. its being done and theres some stuff missing as you can see on the progress tracker. i know its not the answer you guys want to hear so you just keep asking again and again in hope for a different answer but thats the answer we have to give.
  3. what official answer you are w8ing from us on something that doesnt even have any answer? modoy just trolled all of you and you went with it. that is not even close from our admin pannel. its amazing how you guys make messes our of nothing and allways pulling us in to coment/answer on something that has nothing to do with us.
  4. administration of this project would never ask for your personal information or documents. my sugestion is that somehow someone is trying to scam you and tricking you into giving them your information.
  5. u forgot to count the 2 or 3 who are in banned chars.
  6. just for the record... VM and company is forbiden so i think you are in for a cool surprise.
  7. tens k fazer isso algumas vezes. a quest eh mesmo assim. ao fim de algumas vezes ela vai dizer algo diferente.
  8. as i said before, if those ppl come and talk to me or to any of the other admins to explain their situation the problm would have been solved without even starting. from my point of view i am banning one player who broke rules and was disrespectful so i ban all the accounts from this same IP, as for me all accounts on this IP belong to him. if proven the different case turns other way. same procedure happen many times before with plenty of cases mostly scam cases, RMT cases or cases where boting was happening on multiple accounts on same IP. all accounts are blocked untill we are aware they do not belong to the person who broke the rules. the most known case being possibly mizuno when he got about 15 accounts banned on his IP and later with zakna also. as soon as the owners of those accounts contacted us and were aware of what was hapening and actualy showed us it was not them breaking the rules, some of those were unblocked, with no payment or punishment.
  9. if i could do whatever i want i would be playing basketball or computer games instead of working. chars are not deleted just accounts get blocked and i usualy do not punish ppl on their chars by what is said on forums otherwise most of you would have been perma banned long ago cant say the same about kse tho
  10. on xpsomo case if not for me and all the time and talks i put into it, the ban would have been permanent so no 5 euro business intended here. and there was indeed a player who scamed other player and later traded items to xpsomo so the ban was not totaly for no reason as you say. i just didnt had the time to check everything earlier and when i found the time porblm was solved. on this case the bans came out intended to be permanent so also no 5 euro business here. you were allways respectful every time you talked with me and as far as i remember i was never disrespectful to you neither to any of this ppl. once again, as i said before, a simple normal talk with explanations would have solved the problm without all this drama being needed.
  11. lemme explain how this would be easly solved in the world i live. le player: hi, i have a problm here i was banned and i dont know why. San0: you were banned cuz a player broke rules and so all accounts on his IP were banned. Le player: but we play on internet caffe and i have nothing to do with this other person, so its not fair. San0: hmmm , lemme check something... oh i see, ok well sry my bad. your account is unlocked but please dont breake rules as this other player or accounts will be locked again.
  12. its all very simple and lets clear it out. A - dude gets banned for farming with bot chars and sending mats and adena to his mains char. B - dudes asks for help cuz he says he is all inocent and never botted. C - San0 spends days downloading logs to try to help the dude out. D - San0 spends couple of hours digging through the logs to try to help the dude. E - San0 after checking logs informs the person his story doesnt check and that its even more sure he was aware of the situation since those trades with bot chars happen multiple times and from multiple chars. F - Dude doesnt get the answer he was hoping for and goes full bananas rude mode with cancer wishes involved in the mix. G - San0 gets triggered and offended in name of the server administration and there for bans all the accounts logged from that persons IP. H - Turns outs king leonidas was one of the accounts from that IP as it seems.
  13. exacly my point.
  14. instead of blaming other ppl or admins, start by blaming your "friends" for having close to no education and being rude and disrespectful towards server admins.
  15. yo. please contact support on ticket to know the reason for the ban.
  16. event is on the making.
  17. not for long
  18. anyone else experiencing this problm? cuz i cant make it happen neither QQ do you have ant modified files on the client or something that might be causing this since its only visual part.
  19. i think plenty of ppl answered about this before. there are not diference on crit power between sword or blunt at least not to my knowledge, the diference is on the "randomness" of that damage, lets say sword hit for 100 crits for 200 comparing to this blunt can hit for 100 +/- some damage meaning the crits can also be +/- some damage comparing to the crit when using sword. blunts by itself should not have higher crit dmg then swords, they just have the potential to achieve bigger damage due to the "randomness" of its damage. buffs such as zealot and angelic icon etc yes does are the ones increasing the crit power when using blunt. if im wrong please feel free to proove it.
  20. mages have a passive called spellcraft that gives bonus cast if you have equiped tunic and stockings (robe items) on the higher lever if im not mistaken you are using a leather leggings, this is where you loose the cast speed, get some stockings instead and the cast speed will be there again.
  21. its critical received
  22. fixed.
  23. to report bots you can use either the report bot section on forum, or on our skypes directly koll.classic san0.classic kse.classic. we have alsot the discord channel where you can join and you can report bots either on the report bot section or directly to me or kse on PM.
  24. so you cant explain how he can get 9k damage without dying and im the one without game knowledge? oO
  25. i dont even play this game anymore and i can see like 3 or 4 different ways that a SR could go up to 10/11k HP+CP... just saying.