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    2.0 Change Log

    - Fixed Skill from hero fists removing heroic berserk debuff resistance effect - Fixed guard talisman latest issues where talisman was counting both debuff resisted by user and by target. - Fixed Refined Core Ring skill to remove all debuffs from user instead of one debuff only. (cubic stun and doom not included) - Fixed problm on Refined Core Ring making possible for second stage of anchor to still activate even if you clean the first stage. - Fixed Block chance problm against dagger skills such as back stab, deadly blow, mortal blow and lethal blow. - Fixed Scroll of castle blessing to have a 20 minute reuse instead of no reuse. - Fixed tyrant skill raging force lvl 2 (on lvl 77 char) not charging forces till the lvl they should.
  2. San0

    2.0 Change Log

    - Fixed Elmoreden's Lady and Angel amon not having celestial effect while guards are alive. - Fixed problm creating error on clan lvling options when requirements to level up clan were not met. - Fixed not being able to take Quest of saggitarius. - Fixed blazing swamp teleport from aden castle taking players to wrong location.
  3. nothing was instaled yet
  4. San0

    Heroes domination

    he has focus death and skill from hero dagger, leave me out of the mess please, you guys wanna murder eachother on forum be my guest but unfortunatly i cannot join the forum fights
  5. San0

    [FIXED]Guard Talisman

    more fixes on this should be installed today after restart, let me know if you still find any problms on this after. and please specify the problm instead of just spamming my skype with "OMFG BUG FUK TOO BUG MY GOD FIX SHIT"
  6. the test versus the SK cannot be considered due to fact they have 100% block chance on 360ยบ due to shield mastery and aegis passives. excluding this. some changes were made to the shield defense block chance versus daggers skills such as lethal blow. this change should be applied on test server later today.
  7. San0

    Talisman of Liberate

    it did not removed it or you couldnt use it while on this debuffs?
  8. everyday we get new coders and scripters in the house that all know what is hard or not to fix and how to fix it... manton is working on the dagger skills for last week, nothing else i can do about it then wait.
  9. San0


    There is only one prime! and its names is OPTIMUS!
  10. San0

    Small nation olympiad attack!

    there is my like up there, i see a dorf i insta like!!!!!
  11. San0


    yeah you can
  12. San0

    Need help plz!

    eres possible q estejas canbiando en el local incorrecto e estas cambiando el master account password y no el game account password.
  13. San0

    [FIXED]Guard Talisman

    AH, AnyIssues, new nick for some random german we all know
  14. San0

    [FIXED]Guard Talisman

    me and manton put aside the beer and vodka bottles for this night and worked it out, should be ok after restart, report again any issues you see on it if any.
  15. San0

    2.0 Change Log

    - Fixed latest problms found on guard talisman with damaging debuffs not dealing damage while guard effect on. - Fixed refined core ring skill not being able to use to clean lightning strike and anchor.
  16. San0

    Drop after kill from RB and Epic RB

    i think some people dont know whats going on or how stuff should work and miss understood the changes. the change is not so ppl cannot drop epics when they die. the change is, if a char dies to a raid boss including epic bosses it does not drop items, same way it works on official. if someone has a problm with is i see it being only ppl who like to profit from this happening and so they are not a very friendly person or ppl who have never been in a end game boss where most of chars die with one hit as exemple baium. note for everyone to understand properly: YOU STILL DROP ITEMS WHEN YOU DIE IN NORMAL SITUATIONS IN PVE KILL EXCEPT IF THE KILL BLOW IS MADE BY A RAID BOSS.
  17. San0

    Chain pull

    not working on that specific bug atm but more info is always welcome for a better fix when it will happen
  18. San0

    Chain pull

    it is not mentioned there so... only effect on immunity was changed for this skill, nothing else for now.
  19. San0

    2.0 Change Log

    - Fixed Chain Strike effect working on target with immunity skills such as heroic berserk, guard talismans, infinite power - protection, etc - Fixed Guard talisman effect not applying to servitors when the owner uses it, now the effect will apply both to summoner and to the servitor.
  20. San0

    Need help with Premium

    after you buy the premium account you need to ctivate it on the same npc you buy it. after that a golden square will show around your character level, this means your premium is activated and you can now log another account normaly.
  21. San0

    Guard Talisman

    how do you know if theres progress or not?
  22. challenge accepted. back on topic, i never said you guys were wrong, only thing i said was the effect it self its working normaly so if it doesnt work same as on other skill for the dagger skills it might be due to how the skills were made and there for we needed info from off. now we have some info from off we can sort it out and try understand what the problem rly is.
  23. you cant affirm its a bug without knowing how it works on official server. the effect of pvp damage is working and it works normal on all type of skills, so if it does not works the same way on blow type skills it might simply be cuz blow type skills formula takes this value in a diferent way then other skills same way they take crit damage in diferent ways to be sure it is a bug we need to have official info on this, untill then and considering the effect pvp damage is working normaly in all other situations we can only assume this is how dagger skills formulas were made to be.
  24. San0

    2.0 Change Log

    - Fixed sealed runes level 1 not being able to put on cwh - Fixed item drop from player when they die to a raid boss or epic boss. From now on players should not drop if the death is caused by a RAID BOSS or EPIC BOSS. - Fixed issue causing a problm where sometimes when changing weapons the pets stop using shots.
  25. San0

    Progress tracker.

    Entry 4 - 08.05.2018 We finished now with a task we were working for some time to prevent players from dorping when death by raid boss. In one of the next restarts it should not be possible for characters to drop items when they die to a raid boss. Death to normal monster or npcs is still causing chance to drop items as it was before. Also some tweaks were made on the pet soulshot behavior to stop the issue that sometimes when switching weapons would cause pet shots to stop working. At the moment we put all the focus on solving the issues on guard talisman and other items/skills where this immune function might create some problems or not resist properly in some situations and some skills. After this and a few more tasks are checked, we plan to start working on the new client so we can proceed with small updates related to the zaken patch.