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  1. no, it wont be that, i already explained to some ppl why we dont want to do this and its mostly cuz the way this is heading it wont take long till koreans decide to make some new shenanigan with those places like some quest boss zone or wtv they like to do, and i dont want to add something that needs to be removed later, so i prefer not to add them at all.
  2. there wont be Floran CHs exacly (you pk dreamers) but we have a something something prepared
  3. yeah np. those skills will exist in 2.0 only for now on 1.5 clan lvl 3 has only clan fortune lvl 3.
  4. yes i believe that it. i made my clan lvl 4 and after i learned all skills window doesnt open also. so i believe you have all clan skills you can have for lvl 3 clan atm.
  5. it might also be cuz you have no more skills to learn on clan lvl 3 what skills you have atm?
  6. i see it also, there seems to be some problm with this option on the npc and its not opening the skill learning window. will talk with scripters to check this. tell me what skill you trying to learn and we will set it up while scripters check it out so you dont have to w8.
  7. np.
  8. as far as i know you dont pay to unseal reseal b grade items.
  9. is it possible, you can reseal the boots / gloves same way you unseal them, but i dont think the price of the sets differ so much cuz of this parts.
  10. each of those drop groups its for 50 Reinforced Steel Golem. on second group i got drop the life cubic book. on 17th i got drop for phantom cubic book.
  11. thats just a number but its the number that tells the mobs what to drop and with what chances to drop it. it has a 0.1 chance to proc the drop group where books are and when it procs the drop group of the books it has a 50 chance of droping either one or the other. you can stay there forever and allways get the other while some other person can stay there forever and only get the one you want.
  12. what i showed you is the drop chance from that monster to drop that item.
  13. drop is there. all is normal.
  14. theres a progress tracker you can follow on test server 2.0 section. 2.0 will come when all of that will be rdy.
  15. ah by main page you mean site xD. yeah makes sense lol to be fair we dont have anything on website except news and FB link.
  16. happy now?
  17. its possible it might be a error from our side. will check it out. if description says 1 it should use 1.
  18. - Removed Critical chance from the following skills: Tribunal Judgement Quick Spear - Fixed reuse time for the skills: Sacrifice Mass Shackling - Sacrifice Skill now acts as a Active Physical Skill instead of magic skill.
  19. the question is not how many you see opening. the bigger question is how many you see still open after couple of months. it has been 17 month here. and we not slowing down.
  20. also its not even like official project discord. africa created for fun to join with some ppl and then it grew on some of us and we never left.
  21. my company is not good enough?!?!?!?!? actualy other projects have more impact on discord cuz they dont use forum as much as we do. and they dont use stuff like bot reports on forum and bug reports etc. that why they give more emphasis to discord i believe. also when project started discord was not even a thing back then
  22. the if you are in giran harbor most likely you are trying to set shot either too close from another shop or outside of shop zone.
  23. thats exacly my point. everyone has diferent coments, what we almost know for sure is that it doesnt crit on 2.0 we dont know exacly how it was on 1.5
  24. he also said it was criting in 1.5