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  1. 2.0 update patch notes

    Every sane person knew that its custom and that it could be taken away before creating summoner character. If you didnt well too bad for you
  2. 2.0 update patch notes

    Savage @San0 😈
  3. 2.0

    @San0 drops the mic leaves the building 😀
  4. Caruso, the man who did nothing

    You must be drunk not to understand the stupidity of your words.
  5. Caruso, the man who did nothing

    you can be drunk and make a crime. Will it save you from punishment?
  6. Castle of 2kkk

    You wasnt even there 15-20 more players
  7. Lietuviskas Klanas "Nosferatu" iesko nauju zmoniu

    Viskas cia gerai yra nosferatu ilgalaikem atostogom isejo. Vietoj nosferatu dabar yra lithuania klanas su akademiniais klanais. Pm akwa maki5 stormtrooper
  8. Lietuviskas Klanas "Nosferatu" iesko nauju zmoniu

    Rasyk ingame maki5 iboogeyman akwa
  9. crystal dagger

    WTB>>>crystal dagger +10,12 PM
  10. Cyane TH Compilation (1)

    mm... why do you come to talk stupid things?
  11. Dothraki CP (Beta Test)

    I call shotgun for the last slot
  12. Stiba's Virus hits COMAdrejjas

    This is just lvl 1 noob tactics. real heroes like z0z lightning striked ppl in abandoned camp
  13. YOU DID IT!

    this is private server admin can ban you just because he didnt like your videos
  14. YOU DID IT!

    triggering san0 is something hard to achieve gj bottaki you did it
  15. Are Tanks desired?

    Tanks are most needed class in server. Tk and paladin are more defensive compared to sk and da