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  1. Chatuba de Meskita

    way to ruin a good song -1
  2. Future

    @Koll could you show us the list of bugs which are on main priority and so on?
  3. Guide on how to obtain SLS +5

    Its called nacizm mate. Read some books
  4. Nonfactors recruiting

  5. Nonfactors recruiting

    Its first time someone pk you
  6. Nonfactors recruiting

    I thought it was scamming chars
  7. Nonfactors recruiting

    Want me to pull out chat?
  8. Nonfactors recruiting

    Tell if you need more chars to steal
  9. Ghost Hunter 76 lf CP

    You remember what we talked about friday evening with Anytime?
  10. Go to java I heard there are some good servers which last even 2 months
  11. Santa Cloak - COL Store - Vote!

    The purpose of this event is having an event itself
  12. Santa Cloak - COL Store - Vote!

    Why so butthurt?
  13. Fishboting

    Who needs discovery channel when we have such an educated people here
  14. Fishboting

    All this time he was denying it