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  1. @kktnxbye you know nothing. Early days it was join us or -4
  2. Soil had same recruitment tactics nothing new
  3. It should be renamed to daggers patch
  4. Nebstumk pauli
  5. Well you are julian 😀
  6. Calling names is what kids do but ok
  7. Right only 10
  8. Quality? Lets talk about positioning as archer then.
  9. Dat anytime
  10. No academy for now it will appear in 2.0. Most ppl I see use 1h blunt and 2h sword. Solo on blue mobs isnt veey smart. You can get an exp herb and use it till 41. Only d grade armor quest is here
  11. ? Lul?
  12. Do only things that bother you should be fixed?
  13. Th backstabing with bow?
  14. Its was oe demon dagger
  15. wtf @Stiba007 little less play l2 little more try to learn what computers a for and how to use web. Every restriction can be bypassed you just need a couple of brains cells to do that.