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  1. This is just lvl 1 noob tactics. real heroes like z0z lightning striked ppl in abandoned camp
  2. this is private server admin can ban you just because he didnt like your videos
  3. triggering san0 is something hard to achieve gj bottaki you did it
  4. Tanks are most needed class in server. Tk and paladin are more defensive compared to sk and da
  5. Poor soul exping with str dyes
  6. Get armor mastery?
  7. Get an armor first 😜
  8. Wtb drake leather boots+6 PM forum or ingame "Piktaskumbre
  9. @kktnxbye you know nothing. Early days it was join us or -4
  10. Soil had same recruitment tactics nothing new
  11. It should be renamed to daggers patch
  12. Nebstumk pauli
  13. Well you are julian 😀
  14. Calling names is what kids do but ok
  15. Right only 10