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  1. Fishboting

    Who needs discovery channel when we have such an educated people here
  2. Fishboting

    All this time he was denying it
  3. Chain Strike

    same as chain strike it disables you if you cast hide late. Try to think before talking
  4. Chain Strike

    newb or what? stun shot does the same if you cast hide too late
  5. Test server is now open

  6. Test server is now open

    cant download updater.
  7. New Player, Lots of newb questions!

    1.l2 classic 2.unlimited 3.donation lets you log second window and tp is 50% cheaper 4. No problem 5. L2wiki classic
  8. [NOT BUG]Energy of Insolence

    Its not 100% drop chance 2 times it didnt drop me a thing as I was 69 level but yeah it shoudnt drop at all to 76 level
  9. Omg rly?

    They removed dagger mastery to be like offi and now we change mounts. Doesnt it look stupid to you to change one thing as it should be but making another custom?
  10. Omg rly?

    You can agree on whatever you like but server is trying to be as close as official which means less custom changes
  11. Want to crit backstabs more go for + str .want to land more go for + dex
  12. Vision bug of Runes

    Its not just visual you dont getbonus of it
  13. l2 java server

    so tell me again how does this experience helps you here? btw if its something you like bragging about your life is very sad
  14. l2 java server

    and here we are both in a private server
  15. l2 java server

    compensate rly. everything would be much better if ppl like you went to test server before launch and helped to look for bugs. now you did nothing and want something.