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  1. ​http://l2classic.club/forum/topic/1473-color-chat-for-l2classic-client/#comment-13811 ​Thank you so much
  2. hey guys i´ve seen some vids with onscreen debuff notices how can i get my hands on that?
  3. There are 2 easy ways to tell if its magic or physical...1: what affects the skills speed? c.Speed/a.speed...2:Silence can you use the skill? Lightning strike is a magic skill cause both number 1 and 2 apply for magic skills cast speed makes it faster and when silenced u cant use it...same as BladeDancer Freezing Strike... srry kure
  4. plakis isnt acurate for 1.3 u are better off looking here https://l2wiki.com/classic/Main_Page
  5. disaster

    ​Kure said it all nothing else to add wise words my friend. Less QQ more PEWPEW.
  6. You are makeing your calculations based on buying from shop and crystalizing and then making profit...how the hell would that make any sense? buying from shop is the most expensive thing to do! Crystalizing does not translate profit ( its the other way around if u have to crystalize an item u already lost money selling full item is always more profitable). cheers
  7. Somos mesmo pouquinhos ou anda tudo escondido pelo meio dos russos e Brs que andam por aí? Estamos meios desfalcados neste servidor não sei o que se passa....
  8. Actualy noone is moving from towns and they wont move anytime soon if u realy want to make giran harbor a trading zone some kind of incentive is needed for players to go there. I've been there alone for most part of the week and there's no point in beeing there if im alone...cause i will not sell a thing...i think its a great idea to put everyone together even lowbies it will give them enthusiasm to keep leveling...thanks for all the great work.
  9. you dont need to donate to have Coins of Luck you can buy them ingame if you have Adena for them....
  10. WTB Samurai Long Sword (SLS) leave comment here or pm/mail price ingame to balu/hitsudancer
  11. vs wickedsick

    You mad about something wiedz? cause it seems u are trying really hard to get some attention... dref left on his own free will to join a CP to get some competition because he was tired of random parties, or no party at all,nothing wrong with that. if u have something to say u can pm me on the forums or ingame ill be happy to enlighten you on any doubts you might still have....cause lets be serious here,u still feel a bit butthurt dont you? your the one who left without saying anything....:)
  12. Any news on the LOA mini update? is it still far from going live?
  13. How about a trigger for an event is that possible? for example i like the xp/sp boost event for weekends, but ppl are counting on it... how about making ppl work for that boost...this is a grinding game after all...make ppl grind, put an npc in town that will take badges from mobs with a decent drop rate after the npc has recieved a certain amount of badges the xp/sp boost will kick in for 1 day or next weekend...
  14. Hello i wanted to have a on screen msg when dances worn off is that possible pls ty
  15. So sorry to bring up a very old post back but confusion does nothing in pvp right? doesnt remove target or nothing like that?