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  1. Kalhspera dn kserw ama tha breis ellhnikh clan ellhnes genika uparxoun ston server na ksesreis to chronicle einai classic kai einai ligo hardcore to xp meta apo ena shmeio parola auta ama thes voithia stile mail ingame GanjaRockzZz kai tha sou steilw merika adena gia ena boost
  2. 1st of all chill mate dont wanna start a flamewar 2nd hes a driver
  3. You cant be so cocky when you haven't grinde your own char on classic...
  4. Damn i would love to have that feeling pvp at low lvl again.... P.S Nice one mate
  5. Driver now is the right time to lvl up your own char i think
  6. Oh Oh Oh
  7. Now is the right time i can start cry about update and blame administration?
  8. I got EE LVL 76 too with me we will be the 1st with pow in server !
  9. Damn DatPlays say's i am welcome Talk about me to bizz i can even hunt ribos and pistolas all over the map (we got same prime i will be their nightmare)
  10. Can i join perks too so i can farm in peace ? Pm ingame ganjarockzzz
  11. I w8 2 more EE to log and i will be back !!!!!
  12. 17.5k daily 24.3k at sutarday's 32.7k at sunday's
  13. I got bar fulll of bsoe and 3 EE rdy for PR Cant handle you, you are too much for me i propably leave server cant take this anymore..... P.S Nerf perkunas
  14. What sort of sorcery is this?How do you know?
  15. Vigi gone ?where are they where are no lifer partys OU MAI GONT!! Where am i?