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  1. You need attention son? i think i gave you enough from my last topic. You could just make a group at facebook viber or smthing and share and laught your retarded memes but its not about that its about putting your tongues as deep as you can in each others butt SO deep that if someone is going to grab that tongue out of there hes gonna be declared as King Arthur.
  2. Then They tickle each others's butthole's
  3. So that lame fight was worth upload? Sad it end up before myrtan learns why not to hunt a lama
  4. Whos farming epics then?
  5. We will see
  6. As i Said A couple Of Weeks Ago All this chat-Cry-Flame-blame admin "i leave this server" bla bla bla Happens everysingle time on 1.3-.15 update's So please all of you who are leaving just leave and shut your mouth dont act like attention whores Most Of us we stay here having fun and when you server die goes hes going to die we will still be here like those 2 years
  7. He wants to close level gap
  8. 1:Kingleonidas destro 2:MsKt tyrant 3:lisichikowa archer 4:Ideirmeister sws 5:Myrtan glady 6:xpsomo EE 7:zacman warlord 8:lelelelul archer 9:japolecze Bishop 10:xXmonsterxX tyrant 11:hachiroku abyswalker 12:Nouver Bishop Just let you know you are a lier you came with a full Damage dealer party plus 3 healers Check my party setup-level and in the end you can see my full epic char #NoExcuses
  9. I just wanted to point the POV of myrtan about pvp and hes logic that he thinks that a meele pt glad-destro.wardlord e.t.c with 3 more archer out of party think hes fair vs a mage party that had ribos-pistolas-warpole high lvl and then we had sws 71 bd 71 bp 74 me 75 ol 74 and kkthnx 74 i think. 1st of all i dont want to expose our whole chat i like privacy 2nd I just wanted to show that this guy after all he came and told me Gf in a fight that we said ok we wont gang you at top spot while train lets fight fair ,Where is GF? he felt that this was a good fair fight... P.S No illuminati under the black lines Expose video Coming rly fast showing full epic necromancer loosing by jungle force
  10. Since Forum is a bit low this days This is how it works on Myrtan's mind they got average 74lvl we got average 71 lets make this 9v12 now its fair
  11. San0 Nerf Jungle Force Before 2.0 server wont handle So Much Power
  12. Sonic Mode: {On} Off
  13. all i need is a couple of tree's to win you not a single epic