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  1. Well Death spikes is your main dmg spell that need curse bone( buy them from hardins,hope you got plenty adena necro is an expensive character) the best thing you can do atm is find aoe pt if they accept you till you get corpse burst( aoe skill used in dead bodies) at low lvl 1 by 1 exp i dont think is worth later on go forest of mirrors try cdl with a SE and hunt shaman monster the type of monster w.o drops but boosted xp. P.S IF i confuse you and got more questions pm in game Ganjarockzzz
  2. Our average must be 74-75 but rly want to fight clean 9v9 and my people need some practise and is gonna be a good excuse to gather them up cause we are of 1.5-2 months. 19-23 GMT +/-?
  3. Uchi Party from my overall perspective hit the top Party in server ATM P.S if you are gonna make more like this let me know so i can gather my party and join the fun + get some xp on 9v9
  4. I will improve my quality still working on it
  5. Share my video on site when its possible.
    Thanks In Advance

  6. I have heard this soooo many times,No chance dude
  7. chill out dude we are like 100 people left w.o ally leader and w.o main plan and you are like 200-250 we dont pussy out we dont have not 1% chance P.S the one who pussy out join your ally instead stay and try find out a solution and a leadership.Peace and love
  8. I suggest jungle, NightStalkers, Soulmate not even log for siege's is pretty pointless go farm or smthing Let zerg duel each other at siege areas and the time will do hes job
  9. Kalhspera dn kserw ama tha breis ellhnikh clan ellhnes genika uparxoun ston server na ksesreis to chronicle einai classic kai einai ligo hardcore to xp meta apo ena shmeio parola auta ama thes voithia stile mail ingame GanjaRockzZz kai tha sou steilw merika adena gia ena boost
  10. 1st of all chill mate dont wanna start a flamewar 2nd hes a driver
  11. You cant be so cocky when you haven't grinde your own char on classic...
  12. Damn i would love to have that feeling pvp at low lvl again.... P.S Nice one mate
  13. Driver now is the right time to lvl up your own char i think
  14. Oh Oh Oh