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  1. Competition in server

    This is a Forum About This game How stupid can you be saying its just a game INSIDE Game Forum?
  2. I have a problem

    #Dont F @ c k With Kse
  3. Kure the unstoppable!

    @San0 @Koll @Kse char sold cause didnt actually server those days respectt theirr players W8ing for your research and your answer Thanks In Advance
  4. 4 second lags

    Well Obviously they fought better still cant resist mention 4 dd + WL setup
  5. Christmas Event spree!

    Santa Blessing is stucable with unity,stew,xp scrolls?
  6. American Prime is alive - 3 sides PvP video

    Looks like a long decent 3 side pvp and you just destroy it reupload with lower speed i wanna see that fight what really happen cause i cant even understand what you hit.....
  7. "One of the strongest clan" he said

    Just wanna let you know that In that "days" you metion that in your prime was only you and Rip as "Strong Cp's" Server was dead all big partys had left/break/W8ing 2.0 release. If you wanna consider your party strong in the worst time's In classic Club Population-Competitiveness i am ok with that. P.S i am not judging your cp's skills never had a fight 9v9 so i cant do that.
  8. Back To The Game

    so this propaganda SM Zerg seems like it works......
  9. Summoners while on Mount

    @San0 We got 82% YES and 18 % No I believe this post deserver your attention and we propably must have an Official Administration Poll so you can Use Global shout Ingame so more people Vote so we can have an indicative Descision. Thanks In Advance.
  10. Back To The Game

    Good Bishop,Nice dagger POV P.S Goddamn use AA with PR you got 3 k p att
  11. Summoners SS

    Dunno but loop macro on summon pet ss i consider this as AFK farm
  12. Summoners SS

    Stop It ! Dont make me summon Kse This Blue Team people become more and more Ruthless....
  13. Summoners SS

    You want people to get Banned ?

    How About no? Its allrdy way more easy than 1.5