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  1. Anytime - Treasure Hunter POV

    If you want my opinion about yesterday A cp member was driving my char so i dont know
  2. Anytime - Treasure Hunter POV

    New trend ? The ally with the lower numbers (in total) has been marked as "ZERG" only because of better online at a prime ?
  3. Suggestion

    You should wake up a lot of people lvl up with clicker even tho is illegal If all else fails you hit 70-74 with clicker you got ban 5 euro here you are high lvl archer Party
  4. Suggestion

    Go check At stream all that poor melle partys how slow they xp with toggle macro (Clicker on 1.5) when you need max 3 ppl to xp a whole pt and Pt farms 24/7 switching players. Mages Xp faster and easy But you when you xp you need good party and every DD must be active if you want a decent aoe w.o getting cancer,-4 all time
  5. Suggestion

    On 2.0 release All server goes back to 40lvl sounds good

  7. 2nd Anniversary

  8. Castle Siege

    Ganging-Clearing spots-Prevent enemys to gain xp is bad? New Trend?
  9. Castle Siege

    @Stiba007 You rly trash talk about Sm clan? They are one of the most competitive SkillFull clan from the begginning of the server.
  10. Dankolov CP recruiting

    Actualy a good melle cp can win all others you mention
  11. xXMoNsTeRXx pvp Jungle Clan!!

    hes just a child leave him alone dude
  12. Looking for clan :)

    Check here
  13. Koreans Staying Alive (4fun)

    Believe me North korea army isn't really dancing Bee Gees song's........
  14. LF clam to play

    Rip was looking for necromancer dunno about lvl though