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  1. Free Up ^
  2. This was going to be my line to get my likes.....
  3. Fuck I miss All the fun anyway just wanna leave this here to think about it.... What will Happen When Jungle wont be friends with the guys on ooc when they will start loose fight loose xp e.t.c there will be only 1 place.Ask Dee and hes friends Can i Join bizz now?
  4. Didnt know what happen before that fight i comment what i saw on that pvp.Well thats a big factor then still i believe you should win that fight
  5. 2v4 Fight At three way OOC Well You must definetly speak with your cc leader about the control and calls at this fight...
  6. I have a dream...One day you will get it
  7. Ok you Need A couple of drinks or smoke some shit and then touch your self a bit, maybe your tits and chill them
  8. 3 death spike if you are lucky enough w.o mc go xp let forum for the big guys
  9. Drama ally left wall of aden OOC right wall Plan Exposed biatchesssss
  10. Cant do this sorry forum is like drug P.S I am A forum warrior
  11. Dont even try back off negrooooo
  12. This Kind Of people Destroy Game Balance this is how zerg is balls and everyone join the stronger w.o resistans
  13. SPH-Necro Best for solo.For aoe SPH>Necro but necro is always good cause he got mass gloom that boost wholes party aoe dmg SORC-SPS best class for aoe About pvp my opinion is Necro>SPS>SPH>Sorc If you are going for mage get rdy get a prem acc and lvl up a SE in the same time.BUT !! In the end all its matters is play smthing you like not only beacause is OP
  14. Thanks for mention me as candidate for hero. You make a good start to improve your attitude on forum among your ally's
  15. Try necro or Sph if you solo and focus on boosted xp mobs but no drop (if you are rich enough ) i am not very good at solo xp but i think this will help