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  1. Temporary devotion set from lvl rewards doesn't give casting speed bonus
  2. I'm pretty sure administration aware of this problem for quite some time, the question is are they even planning to do something with this?
  3. 1) for sure possible, its social game, you have opportunity to make party with other people or join one, but if you want solo all the time it will be very hard at high lvls without buffer 2) you can claim some NG armor/jewel/weapons from lvl rewards/quests/newbie pack and D grade weapon/armor from moon knight quest at 25 lvl, but after that you're on your own
  4. Curious if it's a bug: u can't delete fish buff (i tried with zerk lvl 2 only, can it be true for any fish buff?), alt+click doesn't do anything
  5. I think the damage is justified, cuz their main damage comes from pony, not from the summoner, so it wouldn't be elegant to nerf it completely. Where it gets ridiculous: the fact that they can endlessly abuse resummoning (i think it would be fair to make some sort of penalty, longer cd or casting speed on that thing) and spamming stun/tidal/stun/tidal (and if owner has more fingers than you usually expect from the regular pony, it can also nuke you with summoner), so u just get nuked all the time without a break, add a bane and transfer pain and you're basically done. And lets not forget the fact that summoner is the only class that can fight while being on mount, send a pet from a mile away, and if something goes bad they can easily escape, they get no punishment for that. Why can't we use skills/nukes/buffs/ds and other stuff while being on mount as well?
  6. Lets ask pepega? @Lunareaia He's more qualified than any of us on this matter
  7. I don't have that shiet either, yet i play for quite some time, maybe that's because i never played in top clans x). Game is enjoyable enough even without those items, and i'm sure if you'll acquire what you want if you will stay here and will be a dedicated player instead of endless searching of the perfect server :p
  8. RMT and botting are ruining the server in global scale and affecting every player in some way, this is why it's bannable, i don't think it should be equal to someone's butthurt. Grow some thick skin and don't bother about stupid words, that's the way to go. P.S. Sorry if my opinion is offensive, San0 don't ban plx T.T
  9. So instead of working for daily bonus, logging chars or playing in big clan, i can just put myself in box clan without wars and get all the benefits without putting much effort. Sounds amazing.
  10. That's the cheapest and laziest solution ever, also doesn't sound healthy for server
  11. I like the looks of the lovebird cloak, but it doesn't give stats. Would be nice if there was a possibility to trade zaken+lovebird=lovebird with zaken stats (as an example, can do the same with any other cloak, but make in non-tradable then), that way u still have to complete zaken quest
  12. Ну и сколько времени у тебя это заняло? Флаги не всегда стоят, они появляются и исчезают, от патча это не зависит))
  13. Дейли квест не берётся, пришлось перезаписать ру патч обычным и заработало
  14. As title says Mail your offers to "Noveria in game or Noveria@3192 in discord, thank you