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  1. Noveria

    SK/SO Looking for peopl to group with

    Nice offtop guys Anyway, i don't think you'll be able to find party at that level. Even if you will find it, it won't be that good as if you were doing raids. Use /partymatching if you're in the mood to get dat juicy exp, i actually saw some ppl doing raids ~25-30 lvl today, so yeah. If you can't find an RB party for your lvl, then look for RB by yourself and then assemble the party. That way you will get 50+ in no time.
  2. Noveria

    Есть ли смысл начинать ?

    Мы новеньким всегда рады, добро пожаловать ^^
  3. Noveria

    Всем добра

    Банят только в том случае если ты качаешься на макросе афк. А если следишь за процессом то всё норм.
  4. Noveria

    Second class change queation

    Uh... Why not?
  5. Noveria

    Онлайн сервера

    Точных цифр никто не может сказать из-за торгашей и рыбаков. Но хай лвл локи почти в любое время суток забиты под завязку (прикрепляю видео, можешь посмотреть). Хотя лоу лвл игроков очень мало ибо все быстро раскачиваются на рейд боссах. На мой взгляд, среди серверов классик это самая адекватная фришка. Если ищешь именно стабильность и уверенность в том, что сервер не закроется через пару месяцев - стоит попробовать. Люди очень дружелюбные, помогают на старте. Если начнешь играть, то можешь мне тоже написать, помогу чем смогу (в игре ник такой же как и здесь).
  6. Noveria

    Special stats for weapon +16 or more

    Having +16 weapon is an advantage itself and you suggest to give guys with those weapons even more advantage
  7. Noveria

    Hello guys!

    Hahahah Careful ladies alpha's here Summoners are OP here, good for almost everything. ES (pony) is the best right now imo. You can exp solo, you are welcomed in RB parties, you can AOE as well. If you need any help mail Noveria, i even have buffer
  8. Noveria


    But that's the point of this class. He's not a dps, he's tanky support. You have lots of debuffs (silence, root, entangle and one more dmg skill from 3rd class with hex debuff) and agro to help ur party win the fight. And don't forget the vengeance song, it reflects 20% of dmg back to the enemy. In that way sws has huge dmg Also, according l2 classic wiki we're gonna have some changes. Some songs will be 2 lvl. Some songs (the most useless like invocation and water) will be changed completely.
  9. Noveria

    Streamers Corner

    I agree. We need something like this. Should've done this long time ago.
  10. Noveria

    PP + BD + ?

    В дуо выкачивать саппортов до 58 это канеш жёстко) Можно в аое патьку затесаться или даже на рб, если повезет. Но надо уметь всю эту танковую фигню делать, паровозы тащить и с рб на хвосте кругами бегать
  11. Noveria

    Easter Event Rabbits Hunt!

    I sold event sack pieces from 2 chars, got 30-35kk. Nice event for lowbies like me
  12. Noveria

    Tribute to Lexa

    Nobody knows why i did this video... Anyway, enjoy
  13. Noveria

    Need few tips about class change from SwS

    Huh. This is new. Anyway... Read l2 classic wiki about classes you are interested in, learn what skills they have, what they can/can't do. Every class is good at the end game, but some are strong in 1vs1, some are strong in mass pvp, some are strong in pve, some are must have in every party. You just need to decide if you want to play ranged/melee dd and what is more important for you: pvp or pve content. As it was said before, necro is very powerful (good dmg, lots of debuffs, high survivability). Or you can try to play PR, this is one of the most powerful dd's as well, but he's very fragile and can't go aoe. If you're into melee classes, you can try DA. Or you can continue playing SWS trying to get higher lvl. While you're playing SWS you have time to learn more about different classes and ask more ppl.
  14. Noveria

    Bounty Hunter - Main

    They're both good, but WC has less buffs at low lvls, you're gonna exp him very hard. PP has more buffs from the beginning and has better healing, but he doesn't have vampiric rage. So it's up to you to decide which one fits you better.
  15. Noveria

    Simple Question about server

    You can't just compare a dead one server (dex) and an alive one. Almost every day it's like at least 5-7 guys asking about online at this server and most of them started to play here. I guess this fact can tell you something about online. Here's a lot of newcomers, this is a good sign, so give it a shot. I had some doubts too, now i play here for more than 6 months, and online is still good and will be like that for a few years.