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  1. Daily quest in Giran Harbor gives exp boosts (includes 1h buff for 30% xp/sp + temporary 1h scroll for 100% xp/sp, don't try to stack those two), buff scrolls and adena. Some low-mid lvl hunting zones also give more exp and sp, scroll down here to see Plus there are plenty of raids that give tons of exp. Regarding adena and gear: you get some stuff from lvl rewards, from newbie quest chain, from newbie pack (on a first char in your account), from moon armor quest - armor set, weapon coupon, adena, stack of ss. You're pretty much set until 40, and don't forget there's an easter event going on. 20+ mobs drop items that you can sell later on, it's a huge boost for a newbie.
  2. Просто заходи и играй, сейчас ивент итемы падают с мобов 20+ лвла. Набиваешь и продаёшь, для этого заведи гнома на другом аккаунте и сажай в оффлайн трейд с помощью команды .offline_shop , за пару-тройку часов фарма оденешься в топ Д. Потом играешь и фармишь больше и через пару дней уже будешь бегать в топ Ц. Для фарма ивент итемов в одно окно топ чары это хуман или эльф визард (соответственно кот и конь в дальнейшем), на селфах и банках прекрасно заходит. А если нужен чар для более стабильного фарма, не только во время ивента а в целом, то заведи спойла. Делай дейли квест (берется в гиран харбор) в придачу каждый день, это как минимум 200к в день, сделай так же лунную броню, помимо брони, сосок и других плюшек дают около 300-400к адены.
  3. Dunno if there are such dyes, must be rare. Regarding spoil: i'd aim for mats like animal bone (CBP), animal skin (Leather) because they're always demanded. You can check Giran Harbor for mats prices and use server's database:, to find the most profitable mobs for you.
  4. 1. Bot is bannable, but first time you can get unban for i think 10 euro (per char/account?), second ban is permanent and cannot be removed. It doesn't stop people from trying, but they're monitored by GMs and other players (so if you see suspicious activity - record a video and send via ticket, that's the best u can do) 2. Geared and shiny is more than welcomed, if you're poor there are much better classes for dps, although it's still possible to find a CP, especially if you're a nice guy and willing to box/play other classes occasionally 3. Can you specify? Dunno much about dyes, but the most common ones for 76+ are +4 -4 4. Actually it is the right server for raids, but there's no way you can get yourself any gear from that. If you wanna take the best of both worlds - IMO it's best to exp with raids on your main and create a spoil to gear yourself 5. Haste 2 pots are available on the market, but clarity is obtainable only through EE 6. Cannot answer this question, but a huge chunk of players are doing daily raids every evening (in FoM, ABG, Forsaken plains), you will see LFG popping up in party-matching before raids 7. 1 account per 1 device is free. So for a buffer box you'd need to have a laptop and launch it from there or obtain premium account with COLs (10 euro/month or lots of kk in adena equivalent if you dont wanna spend real riches)
  5. Being a leecher has nothing to do with your class, it's more about your approach and personality. All the classes you've mentioned are good, and for example if no one is currently recruiting, lets say bishop or tank or sws, they will in the future. I'd suggest to not chase after the meta, it's changing all the time, some classes get buffs, other classes get nerfs. Today one class is cool, tomorrow some other class is even more cool. I'd suggest to stick to something that you like. Player with high morale can contribute a lot regardless of what he's playing. But for now solo-grind way it is, plus occasional raids. Gladly for you, administration didn't touch daily raids yet, so you can abuse them for faster leveling. Others do too, that's why most low/mid-lvl locations are so empty. Solo EE/PP/BP could do okayish if you have at least WC(+BD would be nice as well, since you've mentioned it) and gear for melee exp. But ideally you should be aiming for party, finding a CP or a good PVE clan is better for your progression (and more fun too), especially if you're playing support.
  6. People log mostly for daily raids, they always spawn at the same time every day. Low effort and high reward, you log for 20 mins and get exp equivalent of few hours of farming. I'm really sorry that new/returning players have to see this.
  7. Noveria

    My streams

    aww, how sweet! have fun on this server ^^
  8. Oh boi, a newbie in L2. My condolences.
  9. I don't have maxed items. If you think that every high lvl has them - you're delirious. If you're dedicated and if you're willing to communicate with people - you'll reach 80 and will farm for all the necessary gear during first half of the year more or less. What you're asking will cause temporary outflow from x3, but eventually new server will lose people and die. This can be avoided by merging both servers after some time, but i can imagine it's not the most simple task, so what's the point? Server will die or you'll end up in x3 anyways.
  10. So basically same classic, just different rates? What's the point?
  11. Gratz all the heroes! Also, I'm very glad that club was blessed with such forgiving players, it's truly like witnessing a miracle.
  12. Noveria


    It would be not fair to say that online is stable and growing. It's probably the most stable within chinese prime, but in general server lost a lot of people recently. My guess is that some of them will return back eventually, but it's not relevant if you're gonna play now. You will log and see that the most population has +++ weapons and armors, and who knows what else is under. This is months and years of farming (or thousands of euros that you can spend in auction). Sometimes new players get really upset when they understand that it's hard for them to catch up with lvls and gear, and without that they lose some end-game content or they're simply not enjoying it. And there is not much else to do, unless you don't mind pve/raids all the time (and you don't need to contest raids anymore, yaaay). It's just how it works, love it or hate it. It really depends on what kind of a player you are, if you're not intimidated - welcome! The good thing about server if you take a break for some reason and decide to come back after many months, you will still have all your chars and gear, so you can continue playing without any problems. In order to dualbox you have to purchase premium account for euro/adena or launch second account from another pc/laptop if you have this opportunity.
  13. I don't get why is it important if it's a scam or not. Admins shouldn't touch such cases at all.
  14. Apparently someone else has more passion if he's even luring them away, shouldn't you understand him with all your heart?
  15. Temporary devotion set from lvl rewards doesn't give casting speed bonus