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  1. Guts in oly?

    demon set, OE Doom set, Sigil hp up gun, bracelet, toi talisman, +5% hp and +3%hp talisman, over the body, +oe shield, ...
  2. My nice screenshot

    Chome taking only 271MB? Thats must be fake!
  3. Never stop exploring!

    Try to go in City of Arcan. The geo-data there is so broken, that it will crash your client:-)
  4. Client is not 100% stable / freezing

    1) Check, if all your client on different PC have exactly the same size, don't count screenshot folder and .cache folder. 2) Try https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd637756.aspx comand to check your disk 3) Try to don't kill freeze client and run it whole night till error message will show. 4) Reinstall client
  5. Dagger video

    By watching this video I assuming that dagger is OP and need nerf!
  6. CS movie Aja

    Some CS moment with crucial TS moment.
  7. Demonic Blade Dance

    Deadly strike, Arrest, Drain, Sting, Frost, Poison. I think that BD as a support is well standing with offensive skills!
  8. Infinity Power - Mana Limit

    There is stats called "MP Initial Consume" and it cannot beet affected by any buff, nether clarity. Source (not relevant to this chronicle, but who cares): http://l2j.ru/index.php?p=19&skid=1015
  9. Ban - then blackmail to re instate account.

    This stupidity of this guy is so awesome.... :-) There is no way how to connect payment, or skype screen to game account, but he voluntary confess.
  10. Cheap AC?

    Didnt think about it in this way.. Now it make sence, that some one will want it as bonus part for not coplete set as a carmian or PL....
  11. Cheap AC?

    Adding mini-bosses with A grade staff is custom. But they are already here, and i suggesting way how to "tune" this new feature to live longer.
  12. Cheap AC?

    That is valid argument. I just don't need to farm the bosses. But can server afford to lost opportunity to add second end-game content (next to tablets) which provide reason to play for more people and provide fun for a lot of people by adding reason for pvp? I would bet, that in four month there will be bigger motivation to farm 70lvl bosses with B grade, that 75 lvl bosses with A grade, just because from B grade you can have some adena by selling stuff. I can imagine two fixx for this situation, change the A grade drop for B grade, or find some way how make A grade useful.
  13. Cheap AC?

    It is OK, I can live with the fact, that only ally can unseal set. But I have problem, that the drop from mini-bosses and pvp-bosses is useles. It will be better motivation for long time, if they just drop B grade.
  14. Cheap AC?

    I am sorry, that this topic is taken as complain. I would like to prefer if it is taken as suggestion how to drastically improve the importance and value of A grade (which is now useless). But the mob is the power who decide how this topic will be handled.
  15. Cheap AC?

    I am satisfied with tablets, it is the only one end-game content to achieve here.