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  1. Country and region to soothe your game's wounds? I don't want to talk about geography because this is a game forum. Are famous people related to you? You are just an ordinary citizen, live your own life, play your own game, see how much money you have in your bank account, and then speak.
  2. This is a different understanding of the game, our goal is to develop a 200+ unity alliance, not a strong group or a clan. I know you are not provocative and offensive, we are just rational discussion。 :p We did not choose to develop the elite group, because the elite group needs heroes, and Olympic time in Beijing time from 2 am to 5:40 am, which is too harmful for the average player's health. Because of the time difference, we can't get too many heroes, so we choose the long way to avoid the short way, and choose the way that is good for us.
  3. You know why? We will split an elite team of 9 players into three groups, each 3 to develop a new team, in order to bring new players with the old players. If maintain the elite team, naturally everyone's skills and cooperation will be better.
  4. Thanks to GM for bringing us a good game environment, thanks to RS for a charge to bring us happy PVP, thanks to all WK members, we are still fighting at 3:00 am Beijing time. gf
  5. You know nothing about wk's excellent management ability, sound new player development policy and sharing spirit system.
  6. There are only winners and losers in terms of results. There's no limit to how many people you can recruit, but I guess no one wants to join you hahaha ps not130+ but 250+
  7. You are stealing the concept, I died, he traded me Bsor in order to resurrect me, this is completely two nature of things. RS or RF trade in battle is no honor!
  8. As I said before, it's 7 p.m. dinner time in China. Gf
  9. HAHAHA :D You know RS so well
  10. Clerical error 4/27 is not 4/20, please ignore these small details. HF