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  1. 1) By passive you mean "death whisper" ? 2) Do you have any source that this skill should add or multiply with "focus death"? 3) in quoted source is shown that DW adding 23% to dagger skill, so you contradict yourself in last paragraph. 4) If by the term "passive" is meaning something different, apply my second sentence again. 🙂
  2. Aja69

    Tyrant Escape Shackle bug

    First time reading that it should work on anchor. If I remember right it worked only on root (magical and physical) and on top lvl it work on some king of slow speed debuf.
  3. Aja69

    Why best AW in club got ban ?

    Those people who will provide an opportunity to demonstrate the link between the offer and the player must be really brainless:-)
  4. Aja69

    Baium bug Drops

    Are you sure that Baium is Raid Boss? Never read nothing in the game description which would suggest it, even the description of this "boss" (wordl boss, grand boss) don't suggest it. So the normal rules which is cited in game help should be aplayed (+5lvl max). So by my humble opinion the fact, that the items that have 100% chance by wiki didn't doped is because of dropping different items from the same sub-category of drops and chance for other items was lowered. p.s. Event the changing lvl of Baium on next patchech from 75 to 80 will suggest the rule +5lvl, also official reason in the patch notes was allowing high lvl ppl to participate in boss fight.
  5. Aja69

    Hero making service!

    "can" !!! Offer paying the same money back if you fail, or more and I will start to take you serous.
  6. Aja69

    reuse on consumables

    Agree. Whats about opportunity to trade four beer for full buff with m.def and cov, and ten beer for buff with s/d? So instead of two month of end-less pvp we will obtain only two weeks? But if there is more beer in the game, than I predict, or people wont want to trade it it will be useless change. All scenario we can think is only damage control, so it wont be optimal ever.
  7. Aja69

    Hero making service!

    I had not pointed that it is funny because of huge chance to fail. I wanted to point, that you can simply make nothing and you still get 100kk as reward for some fun on oly. Maybe if you switch those two numbers, you can get attention of more ppl.
  8. Aja69

    reuse on consumables

    You made some tru points here, and i have to agree. But before any custios change admins should to take their time to think about it, not like with those rewards from event:-)
  9. Aja69

    reuse on consumables

    As evidence, the game's authors did not care about balance during creation of this game. So i think is totally normal, that some classes is more powerful, than others. And even if we all agree, that if pvp is long and every one is out of mp the archers is superiors. But no one can do anything about this and changing event rewards will only make angry those who invested in event a lot.
  10. Aja69

    reuse on consumables

    Only power-less individuals, so one one cares... But still better than mage pt.... The word balance is an insulting word in this game, and most of the game is like rock paper scissor.
  11. Aja69

    reuse on consumables

    I am the only one who think, that response for this topic is obvious statesmen known to everybody even before you post this?
  12. Aja69

    reuse on consumables

    I don't want to offend you (I have true respect to all the Bizzs tactics and strategic). But you learned only to re-log and fight only if you have two more pt advantage. Re Rizos video: Be honest, would you go try this pvp 1 vs 2 pt if there wont be this kind of event? And BTW melee DD is really one of the a few char which is god even without mp (can double hit no-buffed char). Poor healers and nukers.....
  13. Aja69

    Hero making service!

    Especially this part made my day. 🙂
  14. Aja69

    reuse on consumables

    BTW in my humble opinion the beer buffs is much much bigger problem for pvp... just saying. It is sad, that you can use them during combat..., 😞
  15. Aja69

    reuse on consumables

    Donation shop summer update: