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  1. By the new information, not only while farm, but during all kind of aktivity ouside of town it is ban-friendly. .-)
  2. Thank you for an accurate and authoritative interpretation of the rule 1.1. After re-examining the rule, I was a little concerned about the last part, which contradicts itself a little in terms of unification and the intersection of the conditions defined by the last two sentences. But your interpretation in the first point is clear. At first I has not wanted to judge this decision, but Daosan`s contribution to discussion have a point. We oppened Pandora's box...
  3. In the topic "Loop macro regulation" you are saying, that you are going to change rule 1.1. to not only include 3rd party in-game macros (bots running inside the unreal engine?) but also include 1st party in-game macros (those created by game designer, ALT+R). You also said that the rule will (after implementation paragraph about 1st hand macros in rule 1.1) affect using macros for farming. If we say, that farming means a procedure during which is experience acquired, is that mean that until loop macros will be disabled completely / physically, we can use loop macros for a character which is not farming (out of the party)? And why was the change of rule postposed? When will be changed to the rules implemented as promised? And when will be loop macros disabled physically? Thx for answer. Aja
  4. Bealive me, NA servers will be dead in one month because of p2w. The only way how to afford shots (even for pvp) is by donation. I am looking for soon announc of 2.5 here in next month. ?
  5. Thats could be the probkem, try to start the. exe in xp compatibility mode
  6. Interesting quote from someone who had 7 hero candidate in one cp with no enforcement and needed 3 clans in ts room for every oly days to leech point.
  7. Even small progress pls!! Give me just something, I need my cookie!
  8. Aja69

    New To Game

    1)[ is the questing worth in this server ? ] Only Whispering of dream and Arrogance search quest, + moon armor quest 2) [ best way to level up ] 1-40lvl: RB bow party, Aoe Partisan hideway and Aligator island 40-60lvl: RB meele party, Aoe Enchanted Valley, single target Forrest of Mirror on shamans 60+lvl: Aoe ABG, single target BS buble spot 3)[ and get ´╗┐coins ] Active clan for dayily boxes 4)[ where to go after first zone´╗┐ ? ] Answered in q. 2 5)[ the class system ? ] Yes, it is here. 6)[ and if there's guide answer my questions put the link please ] https://l2wiki.com/classic/Main_Page
  9. By my humble opinion and experience...
  10. He sad, that for ppl 65-68 is easy to farm toward lvl 76. And also sad, that is not best way to spend their time by trying to find one, lure, protect and farm rb which is 8 lvl under their lvl. (Probably in next patch, when you will have bigger chance to farm rb, or if you are lucky two rb during your time spend in game. The time need to be spend for protecting single rb will lower, because there will be more than 5 rb areound lvl 60, and the effor will pay back). I am think the same. The best exp/time after lvl 62 is ABG or bubble spot. You can compare this spot to rbs 65+ not to rb 55-60 farmed by lvls 65-70 player.
  11. Those people who will provide an opportunity to demonstrate the link between the offer and the player must be really brainless:-)
  12. Aja69

    Baium bug Drops

    Are you sure that Baium is Raid Boss? Never read nothing in the game description which would suggest it, even the description of this "boss" (wordl boss, grand boss) don't suggest it. So the normal rules which is cited in game help should be aplayed (+5lvl max). So by my humble opinion the fact, that the items that have 100% chance by wiki didn't doped is because of dropping different items from the same sub-category of drops and chance for other items was lowered. p.s. Event the changing lvl of Baium on next patchech from 75 to 80 will suggest the rule +5lvl, also official reason in the patch notes was allowing high lvl ppl to participate in boss fight.
  13. Aja69

    Hero making service!

    "can" !!! Offer paying the same money back if you fail, or more and I will start to take you serous.