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  1. ​ ​Thank you guys... =P
  2. ​ok u block the number of CC, but we can count 7 full party + 4 or 5 more? (because u can scroll dawn 1/2 bar) so 90/100 ppl at less, nice login, but not hard to play vs 45 like that ​I made the video for you guys to watch and not be crying...
  3. Siege - September 11, 2016 - TEAM WHITE
  4. GF GUYS!
  5. gj
  6. Light Vortex? Mystic Muse will not receive the light vortex?
  8. ​i noticed that too, all were using bot. All were flags, and nobody attacking me, except the necro, misconfigured bot, only to kill mobs... hahhaha
  9. I took his intro borrowed , my intro not yet is ready , you are the genius , thank you!!! =D