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  1. L2FileEdit for Saviors 2.0

    what is this?
  2. Is afk macro loop against the server rules?

    afk macro loop is a function of the game. if you are afk or not let the group you are in punish you or mobs
  3. animation too laggy...

    i dont think that this is the problem coz i was playing very smooth on 1.5 and i am running new games at ultra settings also without problem like The Evil Within 2, Resident Evil 7 etc etc
  4. animation too laggy...

    of character when he is running. its like the entire screen is going frame by frame i dont know the word in english... The screen is not smooth when the character is running
  5. animation too laggy...

    animation is very laggy, even when i walk when noone is there. That is started after 2.0. any update on this? anyone else has this problem?
  6. kosmos

    exei kosmo
  7. laggy animation

    do have this problem? when i enter the game animation is just fine but after a while it becomes clanky especially when character walks
  8. clan is not readable. Icon overlaps

    please fix this. we cant read the clan names
  9. bugs?

    3 black boxes mana 0/60? i have never used it
  10. change this slider...

    Jesus Christ! please change this...
  11. what is the purpose of this vote?
  12. l2 java server

    official has way more problems than here. official is down every day
  13. change this slider...

    Change these 2 sliders in the website... i cant stand them anymore
  14. GReek clan FESTIVAL

    πως πάει το clan? υπάρχει κινητικότητα?