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  1. It is fine to start playing here?

    from all this i will comment only the fact that C3 & C4 was many years ago and you where different not only the community. People tend to remember only the good things from the past OP server is fine, classic is fine, experience is fine and in general you will have fun in the server
  2. It is fine to start playing here?

    500-800? i am playing in another server that has 1200 people and classic.club has 2 times more for sure so don't spread inaccuracies
  3. Class Change Service 2.0?

    people that have never changed class should have a bonus. maybe the black chapeau
  4. looking for emi+15

  5. Actual Raid Boss META and 2.0 META

    i am talking about raid experience not doing raid and something else is funny at the same time. if you try wow raids you will see what i mean. incredible tactics and strategy. so bottom line is that raiding by itself is not fun in l2. its just an afk auto attack procedure that if you afk a lot you will die, that is the most exciting thing
  6. Actual Raid Boss META and 2.0 META

    Word of Warcraft have raids. Lineage 2 have a repetitive action is no fun at all
  7. Actual Raid Boss META and 2.0 META

    In 2.5 version Raid Bosses gain x3 hp and is impossible to kill them with one party. I suppose that in this server they will change that...
  8. I didnt find goddared in the map

    goddard will be added in version 3.0 that hasn't released yet in Europe nor Russia
  9. Omg this server is so hard for new players!

    a well known private classic server started before some months that we all know his name. it has a color in the name and died a few months later... so i would suggest to not waste your time in a fail server just to get box for free but then again, its your choice
  10. Global discussion

    even if they pay me to play there i won't
  11. Omg this server is so hard for new players!

    if you start now you will find lots and lots of people to do cruma, duo parties, raid bosses and whatever you want so NO, i dont agree that there is no point for a new player to start. Maybe this is the only classic server that actually there is a point to start. The only thing that there is no point in doing is complaining without even knowing what you are talking about
  12. How fast do you think the first A+ weapon will appear?
  13. EXP event with 2.0 Launch

    server is x3. with fishing and all these raid bosses that you can do here you will level in no time. In skelth you cant do raids and there are no people to do anything. here you can find party all day. so you dont need exp bosst. just play the game and you will level fast
  14. New hair accessories

    although i think that some head accessories you have to earn them. not buy them with real money...