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Found 5 results

  1. Melee party recruiting (SWS/BP)

    We are looking for BP and SWS 70+ (but pref 76+) or drivers which can play our chars SWS 74 or BP 76. - Core players from party We are from Czech and two guys from Poland so We highly prefer someone from Czech/Slovakia or Poland but this is not necessity (We need just from you understand and little speak english) - We are meleee pt and almost everybody is 76+. - Our prime time is from 19:00 - 22:00/23:00 (it depends.. We dont have problem if you come later or you need sleep earlier) - We trying play everyday but sometimes We have day off cuz RL (ye RL sucs but you know...) - But still some epic contest, oly, sieges are important so We need some who can make time for it. - We are using TS in prime and facebook fap chat during day (We have there photos WizarDEAD hot fat biceps) - In prime time We are trying speak english but sometimes still czech spam.... - We prefer rly pvp players someone who crying about losing % can join Stiba army. Ally: WickedSick Clan: Perkunaz Party setup: Destro (fkin animal) Tyrant (no dmg) Plains Walker (mad pro dagger) Gladiator (polish malaka with big biceps) Warcryer (fat bastard) Elven Elder (just esspresso) Bladedancer (polish football hooligan) LF - Swordsinger (atm box no player for it) - We have 74 char rdy for you or if you have ur SWS no problem. LF - Bishop (owner has break atm and no clue when He will back) - We have 76 Bp so We need for now driver or someone with his own char. Some pvp noob movies Sometimes We are streaming or If you are interested PM here on forum or in-game "Pinkyska
  2. EU Frontline CP

    European Melee CP Elven Elder Gladiator - - - - - - - 7 slots open *Start GMT(Greenwich Mean Time) : 21:00 (For questions about timezone-> ) Classes we accept. Tank/BD/SWS/Tyr/Destro/WL/OL/WC/BP/Phantom Summoner pm/mail Wolvz ingame Bring Your Own Beer
  3. Clan: Out of Control Alliance: Rebirth Looking for Lv. 65+ English Speakers Requirements: A strong interest in growing your character, the CP, and the clan. A decent understanding of the game and your character. The ability to play, and be on TS, most days from 18:00 – 22:00 CEST. A good attitude. Patience. PM or mail me in-game “Hachiroku Or message me here on the forums. NOTE: Building a strong melee CP in this meta is no quick task. Only looking for applicants who have the patience and desire to wait while we build the CP properly. And with my box army we can start to EXP while we wait to fill out the roster. ____ ROSTER ___________________________ DD1: HachiRoku [Abyss Walker] DD2: – OPEN – [LF TH, PW, Tyrant, Gladiator, Destroyer] DD3: – OPEN – [LF Tyrant, Gladiator, Destroyer] Tank: – OPEN – [LF SK or DA] SwS: – OPEN – BD: – OPEN – BP: Nouver SE: – OPEN – WC: – OPEN –

    Procuro EE para CP BR. Clan = BrazilianForce (lv3 com 10% de exp) Ally = Tribo, Executores. O clan tem 3 cps quase fechadas, uma de Mage 52+, uma de Archer 50+ e a nossa 45+ Estamos com o farm em dia e indo bem rápido. Se for começar do 0 a gente ajuda com XP, itens, buffs, aoe, rb e etc mas desde que se comprometa a pegar lv 40+ em no MÁXIMO 4 dias. Horário de jogo = 20:00 - 23:00 de Seg a Sex Setup atual. Dark Avanger (52) = Caverexx (Leader) Tyrant (58) = Matrow Gladiador (53) = Sk4z Bounty Hunter (47) / WarLord (40) = Costelinha Blade Dancer (53) = PoleDance Bishop (45+) = A Procura SwordSinger (50) = Coldex Warcryer (40+) = A procura Elven Elder = Cathun Qualquer coisa é só me chamar no forum, no facebook ou in game mandando email ou pm para Caverexx
  5. Создам КП с примерно таким составом: OverLord WarLord DA (желательно) СЕ ЕЕ БП БД СВ Тх -- занято мной ПП окном Ищу усидчивых игроков. Вступлю в КП с подобным составом. Август сентябрь мой онлайн 12+ часов. Руки прямые, опыт игры на лоу рейтах есть.