Make sure you know Server Administration contacts!

This announcement is no longer active


Dear players!

We strongly advise you all to make sure you know server Administration contacts.

Due to some events, we see the need of remembering about it to all our players one more time.

Here it is:



Skype: san0.classic


Discord: San0 #1631



Skype: Koll.classic




Skype: Kse.classic




Discord: Kse #0347


In ALL our Skype accounts there is "." separating names from classic - dot!
NOT "_", neither "-", or anything else!

san0.classic             Koll.classic             Kse.classic


You can also find that info in THIS topic

Another ways to contact admins - Tickets system on the website and Supports Skype Events.classic (with "." - dot!)


Any other contacts DO NOT belong and NOT representing anyone of Team.

Skype Koll_classic DO NOT belong to server Administration - this account is being used by scammers with only one goal - scam you.


We also want you to remember:

  • Server Administrators will NEVER ask for your ingame passwords and PIN codes
  • Server Administration will NEVER come to you to inform about upcoming bans
  • Server Administration will NEVER come to you solving ban cases via Skype. It ALWAYS goes through Tickets. Max we can have discussion about ban in Skype, explain reasons, possibility of unban etc. But unbans, if it is possible by server rules, are being made ONLY through Tickets system on the website
  • Server Administration will NEVER ask you to donate via some God knows which way except official server donation methods - Donation button on the website in the account manager, and manual donation method via San0.classic in Skype

We really hope you will take all this info into consideration, and will pay attention to have in your contacts us, server admins, and not scammers.


Best regards,

Classic Team