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  1. zamberr


    What is your name in serwer @Xafi ?
  2. zamberr

    AW POV

  3. Wtb your dagger ­čÖé
  4. Acrobatic Move lvl 1 (when stand) = 83 evasion Acrobatic Move lvl 1 (when runing) = 83 evasion Acrobatic Move lvl 2 (when stand) = 83 evasion Acrobatic Move lvl 2 (when runing) = 83 evasion Shot00006.bmp Shot00007.bmp Shot00010.bmp
  5. zamberr

    its rly bot ?

  6. Hi, You destroy the basic system for which classic was created. PLS back to old system drop inventory
  7. zamberr

    Dagger video

    What is www with this test ?
  8. zamberr

    WTS XP

    tell me offer for 1kk XP
  9. zamberr

    Szukam ludzi do farmienia tablet├│w w toi

    Świetna profesja :-) Wiem, bo sam jestem z tego klanu tylko troszkę już wykoksany :-)